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My thoughts and prayers go out to the Breitbart family. Mr. Breitbart will be sorely missed.

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Dear god! Tell me that was sarcasm! Otherwise that may just be the most absurd thing I have read today.

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Much like experimental aircraft & ultralights. Not only is there no pilot, but the controller does not even need to know how to fly anything more complex than a paper airplane. But hey, at least the gov't can start taxing and regulationg the sale and use of R/C planes now, as long as they can deem them "unnmanned aircraft"

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So by that logic, I am not a "Natural Born Citizen" because, although my mother is a US citizen, my father is not. I think you may be interpreting that a little too narrowly.

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I think its one of those trashy "reality" shows on Bravo or E!, along the lies of "Toddlers & Tiaras." I know I've seen commercials for it and just shaken my head.

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You are not alone my friend. But having "Dance Moms" on the list was pretty funny :)

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Will Ferrell is a DB anyway. Perhaps if I could make it thru more than 5 minutes of one of his movies I would give a crap what he says, but I can't so I don't :)

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I had the same problem, thought I just hadn't had enough coffee yet :)

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Here's the problem: Newt has warts. Newt is honest about his warts. Newt has not kept his skeletons in the closet where the MSM thinks they belong. With all those warts and skeletons and warty skeletons out in the open the MSM has nothing legitimate with which to attack Newt. Bugger. Must suck to be them.

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As ususal, calling everyone a racist is the best the MSM can do, it saves them all that energy they might put into REAL journalism. Black, white, purple, I'll be voting for whoever is NOT 0bama. Even if it's Romney.