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Dana. I know you and AB were friends...sorry for your loss, too. It hurts. Take care.

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Bye Andrew. :( Rest in Peace

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You know, I have to say, those sexist comments by Santorum really tick me off. He has hit a nerve.

In December we lost a very close family friend in the Helicopter training accident at Ft. Lewis. (You could call her an adopted daughter). We don't know what happened and probably never will, but Rocky was a Hero and gave her life in service to our country. I'm pretty sure it wasn't caused by PMS. I think it's demeaning to her memory to speak about women as if they aren't as capable as a man.

This is the first time I've written about this and maybe it's not even pertinent to this thread but I guess it just hits me wrong. Could Santorum have been a Captain in the Army, Graduate from West Point and flying scout helicopters in Iraq when he was 25?

I'm not really as witchy as I sound here.....just still sad.

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Yep. Good call Missy.

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Do you feel lucky Obama? Well do ya?

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LOL. Me too. Although the word 'stuttering' is a code word for something racist. :)

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I have a few choice not so code words I'd like to say here but then my comment would be put into moderation so I shall refrain.

Give me a break. The race card has been overspent, downgraded, and on the verge of becoming obsolete. I know, I know. That's really code for something racist. Meh.

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Has anyone ever thought that one way for the true conservative message to get out to the masses is through independent film? Indie just means not tied to a big studio. The money comes from private investment or grants to wherever.

We can all just go back to beotching about how liberal Hollywood is without actually *doing* anything about it--like making quality independent films that have the messages and story lines that we like. No, by all means, beotching is so much better.

Sometimes I think some of us just say things to be contrary to which ever liberal artist is saying something now. Redford makes a good point. We don't back our artistic culture. As a result our culture is nothing more than reality housewives on steroids.

Personally, I would love to see more Americana period pieces. Stories that tell about our history as a nation. How we got here. Etc. Without the liberal bias.

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I just had a debate with someone who called the case closed on Obama advocating socialist policies because Politifact said: "Socialism requires government ownership of business and Obama doesn't agree with that." No links proving Obama doesn't agree with that model, nothing. Just their opinion.

Hey Politifact, opinion does not equal fact.

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The only thing Obama ever had going for him was his branding. Disney is the world's biggest brand. It's almost like Obama and Disney were made for each other. I wonder which marketeer came up with this Obama fiasco.

BTW, Obama is the leader of the free world (we are so effed).

I love how Newt calls Obama on the invitation-only town hall. The only word Newt forgot was the word "staged."