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Seems to me that before a church gets to the point of "internet / virtual membership" that they would want to apply the same methods they use for the church itself. Things like discipleship, volunteering, small groups, etc. That's where the virtual church gets confusing for me. How do people become a part of it, or at least enough to think they can be a member?

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You'll get a dose of good grief from me on the $5,000 consulting price. As in GOOD GRIEF!!! Props for being bold about that! It's a specific reason why I've started the DigitalDisciples.net local gathering network. Thanks for the post!

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The desire to be heard / followed is challenging. It always amazes me when I see the impact famous people make, and then over time see how quickly they are forgotten about. Like people will be mourning the loss of Michael Jackson in 6 months....

Without making Jesus famous, making ourselves or even other people famous will be a loss. Temporary fame sucks.

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Great info on the "protection of privacy"! I couldn't agree more with you on that one. I think the GPS / location sharing can be a bit much, but I don't get those that worry about someone hearing their name and being able to find them.

You've got my respect for being as open as you are, and it's awesome to see what being so open can do to make this world a better place.

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Is the Analytics app worth the $5.99?

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The kids have pushed me to around 9 screens of apps........they need their own device fairly soon, lol.

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I haven't RT my own tweet before. I have taken a handful of tweets that were stirring up intense discussions and prolongued them with taking the topic deeper. Not sure if that makes sense, but it's a method used in blogging where the top topics of the month might are brought up for people to re-visit.

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Seems like very few people could build a legitimate critical mass without posting any content. A following of people who at least 1/2 way care about what you have to say. Louie's one that can probably pull this off. If he posts something at one point, I'd say that it worked for him. If he doesn't, I'd have to say the tweet that's sitting out there now would be a lie, lol.

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Underwear! Awesome. I got an opportunity to get up and make the bed for my wife (since it was a mess), a promise to buy me two energy drinks to brighten my day, and we're spending a day on the river at my parent's cabin with family (party for daughter's birthday yesterday). LOL. Dig the helicopter! Was thinking about asking for one of those.

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Thank you for leading the way Los.....was fun to be a part of it, and I hope you urge us all to study along with you frequently with #twiblestudy. Welcome back!