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I kept thinking there was a Honda Accord in my office.

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I use retinal scanners for password encryption, but before you get any ideas about using a spork on me. I use a set of eyeballs that I purchased on eBay. So they are color coded for levels of security.

Ok actually I use the old Unix server admin rules. Numbers, Letters, Case changes and random characters. Which is a real pain at times on the iPhone when I install apps that require access to twitter, facebook, etc.

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Hate will not ever be greater than

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Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane. Definitely looking forward to the Fee album, new David Crowder * Band also, Imogen Heap, Fink, Pearl Jam (still waiting for a followup to Ten) and Sting has something coming in October.

Oh yeah and the Carlos "LWhitty" Whittaker

Guess I have a thing for music.

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Black Swan - Thom Yorke
Black Orchid - Blue October
Back to Black (album) - Amy Winehouse
Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious
She Talks To Angels - Black Crows
Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
The Black Parade (album) - My Chemical Romance
Black - Pearl Jam
Reggae Redemption - Avion Blackman

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I learned that it's not human three rawr, and that even though @dewde thinks you are, you are not Chinese.

But mostly I learned about a bunch of tech nerds with a heart for Christ and have a great time learning from them and with them.

Congrats on the 1000th

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I love the line...

I do it to you all the time.

I myself totally have Los on hide because he can be a bit of a chatty cathy.

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Or if you have a picture you want to design around Check out ColorHunter

Dewde gave me the hookup and I am using his picture for a site design - <a href="" target="_blank">

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I was thinking of this one since Verizon has better coverage here. Verizon MiFi -

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It's more like a command center than my mom's basement.