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Here are a few ideas... Now - please understand that I'm not ask you to recommend items in these categories but let get some thoughts on what kits do you want to start talking about at this point.

Lighting Kit under ($500 / $1000 / $1500)
We would need to talk about what lighting technologies would be used in these price ranges and what DV Rebel tatitcs would have to be used to get a kit in that price range.

Set Essentials ($250 / $500 / $750)
When I say set essential - what are the go to goodies that you have with you all the time on a shoot that you would never want to be without?

Field Audio Kits ($750 / $1250 / $1750)
Most shooters never think about audio - my radio days have taught me to always have a kit handy as you never know what will go down.

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I'm going to flat out tell you all - I'm biased toward the use of video. I produced the video that Mark makes reference to. Video - just like publishing blog posts , is a medium of communication - if you can distill your message down to the one thing that you want them to walk away with. Keeping it simple, you will WIN (regardless of what medium is used).

If you are all over the place in a blog post and never really make a point or have a call to action, is that effective? Not really, Right! When you do the same with video it's just a bit easier to spot.

Also - if you'd like an effective video like what Mark is using to market this product - be sure to contact for any of your media creation needs.

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I\'m sure that it\'s set for you, but you can control it in the menu under \"Picture Style\" according to

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Thank you very much! And Thanks for the heads up about the post will be checking it out soon.

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Well Mark, I didn't mean more in your life - but more at this site, next time I'll be more direct. :)

I agree with you about number, they can be spun to say what ever you want.

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Dude, thank you so much for posting! I know that you've been out shooting today, thanks for taking the time to post real world examples of what works! So you had no issues pulling a key from the 7D footage?

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I DM'd him via twitter - but he's out on a shoot already this morning -- so I hope he will be able to comment on it soon.

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Keying can be an issue - I'll see if I can get a buddy to comment better on this as he shot DSLR footage next to a HVX and ended up using the DSLR footage to key with. With any project - it will come down to lighting as much as the optics and the camera back. If you shoot with a scope, you will be able to see if you're lighting is on target or not.

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Yes and that is kind of the issue - that if you put bad glass on the 5DmkII it will look like crap. That's what has been making me look at the T2i (550D) it's the little bro of the 7D - it looses alot of the features but has the same chip. The core of the stuff you loose is buried in a menu (smaller body - not as many buttons).

When you take a look at stuff put out by Shane Harlbut and thing - wow, I could do that with a 5D!!! You don't also note that he's using Panavision 10:1 glass ($500,000+ from what I've been told) and yes you can do that if you have access to rent some Panny Glass too! I believe that the DSLR movement / fad is a great thing for Indie Guys and people who want to make great productions at budget prices - but it's going to be a while before it's fully democratized the film industry. What's happening now is the front end of the Desktop Publishing curve - recall when everyone could make a poster - how badly everything was designed.

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Will do that for sure! I've been kicking around the idea of doing more system / IT stuff - as I've seen the reaction from this post. Things that I've taken notice of is the need of people to talk best practices in regard to file system organization. As well as more work flow -- "How I do it" like posts.