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thanks for the shoutout … yeah, we close a service with this video and it struck a chord with many people. we're going to set it to a click track so that we can show the video while the band plays live!

justin pae is amazing … some of his other stuff is awesome too.

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you can enable pubsubhubbub support for your current blog feed now (if your using feedburner as rss). here's how to do it: http://smarterware.org/2746/how-to-pubsubhubbub-e...

friendfeed is the only one that really supports pubsubhubbub right now, but google reader should soon.

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i did ... it was fun.

did you google search to our website? i think you spelled "binnerri" wrong :)

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d80 with sb600 ... been dying to take the one light workshop when i saw all that you learned from it!

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cool ... for church websites, i think sitemaps are very helpful. many people don't know what topic would fall under what category or what menu, so to have a sitemap with all links helps congregation members find what they are looking for without being frustrated and leave. we added this on our website and put a cool ajax/javascript pulldown effect. check it out:

<a href="http://www.binnerriem.org/"target="_blank">http://www.binnerriem.org/

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to be honest, i didn't think that this site would be "cool" because i thought i would just see stuff that i would already get from techcrunch, mashable, and lifehacker myself. but, i love churchcrunch! whenever you can be part of a community that is thinking the same way (leveraging tech for the church), it's encouraging. there are so many things that i have seen on here that i have used or will use in the future. so, thanks. 5 stars!

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nice! now if everyone did this, then it would be great! in the meantime, he's another way to do it from google reader -<a href="http://www.webuildpages.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/tweet-y...target="_blank">http://www.webuildpages.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/...

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we use stafftool.com and love it! very nice UI, iphone web app, and a great developer.

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i've been on that rooftop when @samsoffes gave me a tour when we were there! btw, that flip mino hd quality is amazing!

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as names have more significance in the eastern culture than the western, maybe you finding your name is connected to you finding more of your identity there in korea. blessings, that as you learn more about yourself, that you would learn more about your Creator.