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Nonprofits and Creative Commons is always confusing. I've researched this issue in depth and as I understand it, if you are using CC3 (noncommercial) another nonprofit cannot use your photos on their website, annual report, fundraising emails etc. Even though they are a nonprofit - it is considered "commercial-use" if they use your CC3 anywhere where they are soliciting donations.
I don't think you have to worry about a competitor using your photos to raise funds for their cause if that was your concern. Of course, this is not widely known, and many assume nonprofit means non-commercial.
Your post is very helpful. I hope to employ some of your tips on our Flickr NP group and photostream. Thanks!

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I love the Children's Catechism. How nice to walk outside when memorizing the Bible and catechism. I think I may try that! Thanks.

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I have the same question as you -
What is it that is keeping them from eagerly serving, looking for and welcoming opportunities to serve, and encouraging women to serve as co laborers?
I think the two questions are intertwined, what is keeping them from eagerly serving and encouraging women to serve as co-laborers? I suspect if men were joyfully serving they would be more welcoming to women as co-laborers. But, when there is a vacuum they fear women will rush in and fill that vacuum. What is sad though, is the church suffers and the vacuum remains unfilled.
Thanks for bringing up this point - very helpful. Also, sorry for the late response, the week flew by.

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Pride - so often comes down to that doesn't it? Great point - thanks for commenting.

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Way to go Michele! We didn't have a High School Sunday School for a couple of years because no man would volunteer. There were women who were willing and qualified. As a Mom of one of those HS students I'm afraid waiting for a man to teach was a matter of putting priorities in the wrong place and my son suffered because of this.

Your right - your not a substitute. We need to realize God doesn't have a Plan B - if the need is there and you fill it, you are (woman who fill that need) are God's first choice.

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15 years ago I started barefoot running as a cure to my Planter Fascitis. It took 6 mo. to a year to be able to run the same distances. My PF was/is cured after years of orthotics, expensive shoes and Dr. visits.

I've been using Nike Frees. But I really want Vibrams I think they are the best. As soon as the snow starts I'll be ordering my pair. Thanks for a great review.

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Love to see the festivities. Maybe I can wear a funny hat if you do it by video:)

Congratulations! You've offered a great service to the church!

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While the ministry I work with does not make direct appeals for pro bono work (although we take it if offered:)), I can relate to your story. I have found Twitter in the Christian community to be invaluable. We have found designers, strategists, photography and more from talented professionals that share our mission and values. Because they share our vision, they catch the excitement and give far more then their hourly rate - they give their prayer-fueled best.
Through Twitter I've connected with fellow Christian professionals that extend far beyond my reginol network. Rather then pro-bono work I view Twitter as a way to get connect with mission sharing professionals and am thankful to see God working in the the "internets".

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That sounds great! I'm already planning where the new map for the nonprofit I work for is going to go.

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Very nice application! Does anyone know if someone is good with the Google maps API if this could be done for an individual website without the MapSpread branding? If so, is if fairly easily done or would it be a complicated job for an API developer?