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Pretty awesome!

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Jimmy, I knew it all along :). ...but thanks for saying it! It is good to have you as part of this journey.

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Jimmy, that is an important age. We do have a transitional ministry here that they just started called Fuse (5th and 6th grade). This helps transition from LIfeKIDS to LifeYouth (Switch). It is not available on the web yet, but hopefully they will get some of that content up soon.

Switch (6th-12th) content can be downloaded at or you can watch them at (in the right column beside "type" click LifeYouth).

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What a great post Dr. Kim! Thank you for the challenge. I would love to see marriages all over the world through Church Online be truly plugged into the source. I know that distractions can easily push away from the simple but powerful things that create a healthy marriage. I pray that action comes from this post in my life and in those who read it.

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Connie, what a great post! Love the thoughts around Barnabas and the question it begs for each one of us. Thanks for using your knowledge of the Bible to spread encouragement. Excited for this group!

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Thanks for sharing Danny! I did not know that about your mother. I am glad that the day turned out to be great for you this year. Pretty cool how God can use our serving others to bless us

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Tony, you know I love this! The fan page has definitely been a great change. We have seen the engagement blow up with the new features that push the fan page's activity to the user's activity stream. This "Create Related Groups" idea would be an amazing addition, and I know we would be committed to being a test case for Facebook :)

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Stephanie, an experience is the 1 hour interactive video where people gather together at, watch, and interact. We have 16 experiences that run Saturday through Friday. Each of these 16 experiences have a specific starting time and ending time.

This post is talking about 3 new times being offered for people to check out that experience. Each experience time has a crew of dedicated volunteers that welcome people, pray with people, answer questions, and be sure the experience runs smoothly. Each experience create great opportunities to not just watch, but actively participate in what God is doing in people's lives.

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This is so encouraging to hear from all of these different LifeGroups. It is amazing what this activity means in people's lives throughout the Internet. God is definitely using you and your groups. These activities really show what simple purposeful acts using online tools can do for the glory of God. This is Church Online at its finest!

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Good input Samuel. I think that is right. We can not do anything that produces righteousness on our own. I believe that is why this is the pre-requisite. It is only through Jesus and the Spirit of God that we produces fruit of the Spirit. This is why we have to give our whole lives to Him, our relationships, and trust Him completely. Our lives seems a large price to pay until we realize that Jesus gives real life and life more abundantly.