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This is so true and when someone like Michael Hyatt or Seth Godin says it, "It's Golden" if someone else were to say it, it would simply be "Cocky!" Thanks for saying it... and saying it well!

I agree that Seth nailed it with Tribes.

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It was great poplockin' I mean double poppin' w/ you Rick. #FistBump and thanks for the love thecomicbookkid & rickonline!

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I'm In Wow Land Right Now... Let me get back to you! :D

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Great comments and discussion... John thanks for the LinkLuv!

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Suh-weet Promo Video! I look forward to checking it out online, North Point's podcast is one of my favorites!

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Ouch... I was nervous prior to uploading 2.8 so I called Hostmonster and they walked me through backing my blog up... Sorry to hear that bro.

come back singing the old LL Cool J tune... "Don't call it a come back, I've been hear for years!" bobbing your head. Still looking forward to hooking up!

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That might be too much to knaw onin one post. I like to say "Do You! It's A Statement... Not A Question!"

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As long as the person's popularity/influence is not adversely affecting them, their family, their role or the ministry and the persons influence is positively impacting the kingdom, then no harm. At the end of the day that influence is given to them from above! BE WISE!

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I dig the mom & pop shops... my new favorite little coffee spot is Vintage Coffee in Edmond.

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Here are two of my guys that are doing it:

Name: Pastor Brian Carter
Ministry: Concord Church
City/state: Dallas, TX
Ethnicity: African American
Brian is a sharp young leader, who leads a congregation of about 4k in Dallas, TX.

Name: Pastor Herbert Cooper
Ministry: Peoples Church
City/State: Oklahoma City, OK
Ethnicity: African American
Herbert is a gifted leader and communicator of a multi-cultural church in Oklahoma City, OK. The Peoples Church is currently finishing a building project of a new state of the art 44,000 square foot facility that is scheduled to open this Easter.