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UTalkRaw is where I first heard of Tim Morrill, and I've been preaching his work to anyone who wants to get better on the field. Second to none, son!

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Appearance-wise, while I do like the vivid colours of the bags, I can't say I'm a fan of it. It's a great idea, but I'll stick with my giant Nike soccer bag.

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Nothing short of amazing. If this was mad, I would buy it in a heartbeat. That projector on one side with a keyboard on the other side is beyond words. If this could be kept under $400, it would mop the floor with every single device available on the market.

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Yea, or you could wait until the full iPhone 4 jailbreak is available, and I'm sure it'll be just days until someone will hack this into making the phone upload the full resolution Blame it all on AT&T!

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You're no longer community. :P

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Yep, got to see some behind-closed-doors gameplay of Alan Wake at last E3, completely sold me on the game.

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I just hope my 360 tides over until the Natal bundles come out. *knocks on wood*

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I'd pick Forza 3, just because it's nearly what I've always wanted out of a racing game, which happens to be my favorite genre. Add to that, it's the game of '09 that I've sunk the most of my time into, by far.

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But really, Shift vs Forza? lol Forza was easily the best racing game this year, no contest.

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That's the main reason why I put in the disclaimer, I was pretty sure DAO should have won theoretically, but I didn't play it. The only RPG I played this year was Borderlands, so it had to be my pick.