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It looks great, Kris! And I'm really enjoying this new storyline!

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You, sir, apparently don't know how to read directions.

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I do. Unfortunately, I'm also offline for at least another four weeks, my daughter's impending birth aside. I've fallen into the unfortunate position that my Xbox Live account got hacked yesterday, and the hacker went on a little spending spree at my expense. Fortunately, Microsoft has locked the account now, and I'm in the process of recovering the $270 the hacker stole from me, but Microsoft also has to do their investigation, and I'm told it's going to take them at least 22 business days to do. So, until then, I'm in Xbox Live limbo.

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I don't think it does. I haven't played with this setup in a while, so I don't know what new challenges there may be with recent iterations of miktex. I may have to play with it again at some point and see what's what.

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This post is nearly two years old, and the WordPress core has changed quite a bit since then. Unless StudioPress has been updated to work with the most recent iterations of WordPress, then I'd suggest finding a new theme or crafting a new one from the WordPress TwentyTen or TwentyEleven themes.

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I'm not -- at least, not at this time.

And please stop upvoting all your own comments. That's part of the reason why you got banned in the first place -- abusing the system.

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Final panel...

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That's really not the loophole you hope it would be. Even if I could contact someone from 343i about this, I suspect they'd just shuffle me along to Microsoft's legal department. But again, the point is moot. 343i and Microsoft have walled themselves off exceptionally well. There's no easy way to get ahold of anyone from those organizations, so again, it's not something I'm particularly inclined to waste any more of my time on.

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Don't think I haven't tried. I've attempted to make contact with several folks from several organizations, including Microsoft's own legal department. To date I received exactly zero responses. So, at this point I'm done chasing my own tail on this. I'd like to see Reclaimer in print as much as you guys do, but it's just not going to happen.

Also, the thing with RvB is that they got in on licensing at a very early, very crucial stage. They're just about the only folks have permission to do what they do, and they're probably going to be the only ones who ever do.

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It basically means I don't even know. I don't have a set number of comics in mind that it'll take to finish the story. I just write them in a way that hopefully makes the story flow. When I reach the ultimate conclusion, then that'll be how many pages it takes. I'm not deliberately playing it coy, honest. :)