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There are viewing parties all over since MASN seems to only be in a few places. Looks like there's one in Charleston.

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For the record, I dont care that they are charging. It's that I think $7 is a bit much for it. Will I still be getting it? Yes. Will I be happy about the price that I'm paying? No.

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This one takes place in the Southern US while the first takes place in the north(east i think). So I'm assuming this is the same zombie infestation that has covered the nation. Kind of leaves it open to other areas too.

As for the witch, we encountered one and it seemed to be handled well. The guy I talked to did say there would be obvious balance changes if the witch became playable. Again, that was something they weren't sure about (with the addition of the Charger I can see it not happening)

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I'm sold after the demos on stage and on Jimmy Fallon. Don't see how people can still doubt that this is going to work.

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thanks for the reminder.....had to set the DVR for Conan.

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New member. Working on expanding the 360Sync fam. He and ATMESFEAR are working with us now.

And nice write-up RocketJones.

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These clothes packs are weak. I really wish they'd do more serious stuff. And i hope they update the system to include a color picker or something. The Avatar/clothing system could be so good. They have just been off since it's launch.

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I never thought I'd see Hannah Montana's face on our frontpage. Bravo Donski....

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I'm kinda happy to see two players on the cover. Time for something different. And the art looks great. The whole EA Sports line has stepped it up with the design and the paint splatter look is cool.

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I like the look of this game and it seems like one of those you can kick back and play through. Should be fun.