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Awesome. But.........and of course there's always a but. Can you leave your comment over here? For some reason the redirect isn't working. In six days it'll be working for sure as this site goes away.

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I loved this episode! Once the show turned to the discussion about forums I was having a good ole time talking back to myself/iPod having gone through everything being talked about as I run my own thing as well. Awesome job guys and gal.

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The original game sucked? Ouch, you're stabbing my Dreamcast wonder years. :)

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The wireless headset doesn't work like that Steven. The 360's wireless headset uses a wireless channel from your 360 just as any other standard wireless device (guitar, drums, fightstick ) on the 360. I believe you are confused with the Original Xbox's puck system that they stayed compatible with by allowing you to just plug that in with a standard mic jack without the puck system that was required with the Original Xbox. The wireless headset on the 360 has nothing to do with any of that.

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The older I get the more tempted I am to play a game on easy just so I can get through some games knowing that If I don't it's going to be a while before I finish [insert game title here]. Time is a huge issue for me now. When I was a kid there was so much free time there was no reason to play anything on easy if the option was available, but then again a save systems at all - - accompanied by an easy mode was few and far between back then.

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There's no Bo Jackson, but we all know Bo know's his videogames. :P

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So you're who they were talking about? lol

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Somebody tell me how Chris Redfield is supposed to defend against a hadoken?

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We learn something new everyday, hopefully. :D

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A problem we have here is the over abundance and use of the term developer(s) when what should most often be said is publisher. What we have to remember is that they are not one in the same. The people in the drivers seat are the publishers (unless you are self publishing of course). Developers are just that, developing the game. The publishers are the people determining price points for the projects they are funding. Those who get mad at developers are misguiding this anger.

When a developer makes a game and sees their publisher doing something they don't agree with themselves with their project who do you think has the power? Without the funding, distribution, and marketing by the publisher their game wouldn't have gotten made in the first place. Which necessary evil would you side with?