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Wow, I haven't really read comics in ages, is that what his costume really looks like now? seems very bad 80's sci-fi movieish. Well then again, it is a comic...

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Well I do remember watching the first season and liking it. I don't remember why i didn't keep up with it. In any case I wouldn't mind another good stealth game.

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I'm a little giddy. I'm sure I'll get all the campaign ones before I do all the versus, that's how things usually work for me. I still have a few versus from the first one.

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Hmm I'm not too sure how I feel about this. I'm still a bit angry about the remake. Though if they were to make a game based off Ray Harryhausen's work that would be pretty sweet. the graphics could still be renderings of clay models like in Skullmonkeys. But graphics alone don't make a game do they?

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That is brilliant! I like versus games that actually have a little more to them than simply "kill or be killed".

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congrats to all

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My friend and I played with the idea of a screamer. He runs up to you and screams if you're close enough you get knocked down for a second, kinda like when you get hit by a tank. But the scream makes you deaf so you can't hear any musical cues or your teammates in the game or on the mic. And of course alerts any nearby zombies, but doesn't cause a horde to spawn.

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Sad, I think I'm actually looking forward to this, where as I really didn't care about the retail game.

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I like the art direction, but I haven't really been keeping up with the title...but It''s still just on the back burner for me. My plate is already full with what I do have not to mention a bunch of games that are coming out, or ones that have in the last few weeks but still haven't picked up...I need to find me a rich old lady who'll just let me game all day.

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Hmm I wouldn't mind a copy of shadow complex, myself. It's just getting too much good press for me not to get it.