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guitar hero 5, easy decision. The mechanics of the gameplay for rockband has too many flaws. When guitar hero first came out, it was all about the guitar. Everybody wanted to play their favorite songs on guitar in a video game. When rockband came out it was about having an entire band and being able to play songs on other important instruments such as drums, and vocals. (bass was already in guitar hero) A lot of people complained that the guitar playing in rockband was not comparable to the guitar in guitar hero. This is why I liked guitar hero world tour better than rock band 2. The guitar is the key aspect of the game, even if the song list for one is better than the other. Therefore, I choose guitar hero 5 all the way as they have been consistent with the gameplay and since this is the 5th game, there is bound to be more great songs to play on guitar.

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Finally an eject feature. Now we can eject with or without a game inside.

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I still think that the picture that was chosen was difficult to write a creative comment for. But anyways congrats on the winners, i guess i'll have to pay for the maps haha!!!

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"......when n00bs try to play halo"

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I like Recon and ODST. I think it should be Halo 3: Recon ODST. or Halo 3: ODST Recon.
something involving the two. haha