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Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.=)

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Shadow Complex would be the game of choice for me. I am choosing to enter for it because of a few reasons.

I've heard nothing but good things about it from the people around me who have purchased and played it, and because of the design of the game. The retro gaming style definitely appeals to me in this case, because it's old school gameplay with new age graphics and refinement.

Have I mentioned how much I love 360Sync? Because like, you guys are the best...and um.... not because you give stuff away, or because you may potentially give me a copy of Shadow no... it's totally deeper than that.



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I am so damn unlucky! How unlucky? I'm due to get my degree in time for the world to end in 2012. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Congrats to the winners! Hopefully you enjoy the game. (And the sweet avatar awards associated with it)

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This was the one game I was really looking forward to, and the trial didn't disappoint. It's good ol' simple fun. People looking for depth and variety in a game should probably stay clear, but any people who love re-trying things to try and do it a little bit better, and those who enjoy speed runs need to try the game right away.

I'd absolutely recommend it.

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Oh man... don't make a man choose his favorite food... it's just not right. I like steak best, but I'll be answering:

Buffalo Wings. As a Buffalo Boy I can't say anything else.

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"If end up costing $79.99 in the United States, and no clue about other regions yet."

If end up costing $79.99 (=P) than that seems like a decent deal for whats given... although I admit, I just want that little statue. My spartan figures need someone else to hang out with besides Ryan Miller.

Who am I kidding, I can't afford even the regular edition of the game. I'm broke as a joke. Thanks for the heads up though, 360sync =)

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Yeah, but where's the Killers?

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Long time no see 360sync! A move cross country will do that to ya.

I'm entering for a buddy of mine... well he's not really a buddy, more of an acquaintance... ok, not an acquaintance, but more like a guy who I see now and again who annoys me. I'd like to see him get the game anyway.

So I can KILL HIM (legally)! Buahahahaha!

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You are such a liar Dante. <_<

Either way, cool contest. :D

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Argh, entering when there are already 36 comments all but guarantees that I wont be original in my answer, but here it goes.

Movie: Star Wars Episode 3 (I know, I know... most people hate the second trilogy, but I think episode 3 leave me alone people.)

TV Show: Futurama (Alright, so it's *based* on Earth in the year 3000, but they spend so much time in outerspace! It would be silly to have an intergalactic delivery crew only do local deliveries eh? Also, did I mention that the Space Invaders made an appearance on the show? The one where Lrrr RULER OF THE PLANET OMICRON PERSEI 8 led the space invaders from the planet nintendoo64 to wage war against earth and General Colon Pacman)

Game: Halo 3 (Again, going against the grain here by not selecting the first title. However, as someone who is a whore to the Halo story, I think that Halo 3 is just awesome. The references to the books storylines, wrapping up several loose ends, with some nice plot twists make this my favorite space game)

So that's my response, good luck to all other entries. Except Dante, no more luck to him.