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Hey, anything to help spread the word about a great chairty! When you do it again, just let us know and we'll start adverstising for it again. Thanks!

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Looks to be a pretty basic (and easy) list. The kind I like! lol

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I'm so ready for Fable's got potential to be Game of the Year....

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Cool deal...anything that benefits children is awesome in my book. I'll be sure to post something about this on my blog :) http:///

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Yeah, I guess if you really like the game though it won't seem that bad.

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This looks like another great game that me and my wife can play together. I love any kind of game that I can get her to play with me :)

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I hope this dashboard update is going to be as awesome as it seems it's going to be. I was really impressed by Microsoft at E3, I hope they won't disappoint...which I don't think they will.

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Definately looking forward to this game. I enjoyed Eternal Sonata, though I never completely beat it. I personally like the graphic style of this game and Eternal Sonata.

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Yeah, I may end up getting it when it drops in price a bit. But really, I have no need to get another one if I can't complete the 06, lol.

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Well...I figured since I have already pre-order the collector's edition of Madden there is no need to d/l the demo, lol. Shame hearing that Facebreaker isn't that good...I was kinda hoping it would be.