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Just do what feels right-everyone will have their own stories that mean very little to your current situation. My GF moved into my apartment after we were dating for 9 months or so, and plenty of people thought we were crazy, it was too soon, we should have got a new place, etc. etc. etc. And we have now been together 3 years.

And don't listen to people that claim moving into someone's space is a bad idea. That's what we did, and what most of my friends do as well when they move in with their partner. It takes a lot of the stress out of the move, you don't need to search for a new apartment, there is less shit to move, and most importantly, you know that if it doesn't work out the transition is pretty simple-the new person moves their shit, and the other person can afford the apartment with ease since it was their old apartment to begin with.

The only thing I would really discuss beforehand is how the finances will work and what would happen if you two break up.

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That theory is garbage. First of all, Occam's razor-Weiner had millions in a campaign account that he had to use in this election or it would be lost, his polling showed that he would be a contender, and he always wanted to be mayor. That, and a stupid belief that his lady friends wouldn't publish his sexts, is why he ran.

If Weiner never ran and Huma did a high profile campaign job or ran on her own, then it is far less likely that any of Weiner's new women would have come forward, and even if they did, it would have been a non-story. Weiner would just agree to stay in the shadows, be the doting father that doesn't do much campaigning, and people would largely forget who he was. If Huma was just a campaign aide to Clinton, there would be very minimal press coverage on this-nobody gives a damn if a campaign aide is having marital troubles, and there would be a backlash in favor of Clinton if some idiot reporter kept on asking Clinton about Huma's marital issues. Huma would hardly be the first person working on a presidential campaign with marital troubles, hell, that's part of the job description.

And if Huma was the candidate herself, she gets to look sympathetic, and can say she is keeping Weiner around since he is an imperfect husband but perfect father, and people should judge Huma and not her husband when deciding who to vote for.

There is no way Huma and Weiner sat down and decided that Weiner should run for mayor in order to attract far more attention to his sexting than it would if Weiner just stayed a stay at home dad while Huma did her thing.

Bill Clinton's constant pussyhounding is a great example. Clinton has been publicly sleeping with tons of women since he left office. And Hillary doesn't get asked about it.

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And you just know that this brat is getting tons of money from his parents and just uses his food truck earnings to buy booze. If he was depending on this job for rent, he would be freaking out and not pretending that he will actually make a living by freelancing-especially with his terrible writing.

His bitching about having to work a late shift with 24 hours notice is also fucking insane-that is how restaurant jobs work!

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Just wait until you see a pleading that talks about how plaintiff's submission dehors the record.

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I've been to that food truck, and I the food looked good. But not good enough to paying that much money for a damn grilled cheese that I'll be eating in my office.

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It amazes me that it has become an international sign for busted bike.

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They probably could get away with not having that accurate inventory reporting. I can't find the article but someone made an interesting graph showing the general usage of different bike stations. They vary, but two of the most common ones are either empty in the early morning, full right after the morning rush hour, and then empty when people leave from work, and the other is the inverse of that. So you can tell which stations are regularly used for people commuting to/from work and then distribute accordingly. And my guess is that system is better than trying to do real time tracking and distribution, since that would constantly change and be error prone.

Of course, part of the problem is having an economical distribution system to get tons of trucks to different parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

A different proposal that I saw is to find ways to encourage users to move bikes themselves, by offering discounts or points or something. I don't know how effective that would be though.

In the end, you just figure out a walking route as to which stations to go to. I work in the Financial District, which is one of the places that is mostly out of bikes once the afternoon rush hour begins, and I'm still able to find bikes. It just takes me visiting a few stations to get one.

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Turning seats backwards is actually done by users and it has become an international bike share thing.

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"Courage of convictions", man, what an asshole. And granted, it was a big order, but line cooks at fast food joints should not start expecting tips and talk back to customers that don't tip. Not only did he send that tweet, but he actually tried to call out the customers for not tipping right when they picked up the order. That's a great way to get a dollar tip and lose a customer forever.

And I love to tip, and sometimes I will tip food trucks that I go to regularly, but this kid has serious entitlement issues. Assholes like this kid really piss me off since people who don't like to tip anyone in the service business will use this as a BS example of why nobody deserves a tip.

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They are actually already doing that, where trucks move bikes around. I suspect they will get better at it as they learn the patterns of usage.