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Ghost Whip My Ride.

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Glad to see you've concentrated on the essentials.

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That beast looks one hundred percent better, thanks to your judicious ministrations.

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The Trollblazer's nice, if that's what you want.

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Crack is a helluva drug. I hate cooked clowns. So much less for the rest of us.

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Really nice, although it's a bit more PMY that I require. However, it's a Pony Car, not a Muscle Car.

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Fowlly spatchcocked!

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Wait, there's a truck called the 'Honker'?

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Only the A Team can save him now.

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Disagree in part. US sports car racing is a tiny niche, not entirely the car's fault. Lower speeds don't mean you don't see the cars. Cars will spread out on the track, and you'll see one soon enough. The issue of racing, is always can it hold your interest? So, good drivers, closely matched cars, and cars that exhibit visible handling and performance behavior are to be prized. A slot car is boring. A car that is almost faster than the next one, but could spin off at any moment, or throw a rod or cook its brakes, that is a very interesting car and makes for a great race.

Also, every series has restrictions on design and components. Limiting permissible performance can help preserve the safety envelope without requiring jellybean silhouette cars. A skinny, narrow tall tire with hard compound would make enormous horsepower meaningless, for instance. Plenty of ways to get to a balanced performance envelope, and every series is trying to find their way to the optimum.