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Evil cyborgs are pretty much built out of evil humans OR humans harvested for conversion against their will (e.g. Doctor Who's cybermen or TNG's Borg).
Steve Austin is a Heroic Cyborg, as he uses his assets (!) for the good of humanity.

Robots have always been helpful, cheery tools to lessen mankind's burden... when nobody worried about how humanity was going to PAY for technology. SURPRISE! Robots aren't inexpensive, and their labor has value, so economics forced some humans to see robots as a competitor on an ever-larger scale. As displaced human manual labor has no other viable source of wage earning, and things get more tense.

Automated service-sector functions, with their glitches, do nothing to endear computers and robots to humanity., so it is very easy to make robots and computers unfeeling villains.

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Asimo's petite size and fallibility endeared him to me... and he handles stairs about as well as I do after a few drinks...
[youtube ASoCJTYgYB0 youtube]

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Well, I could talk about Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood some more... At the risk of a spoiler alert for the author of this particular post, how about Captain Jack and Ianto Jones locking lips... Hot shit...

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He's such a handsome guy, he even makes a reasonably sexy woman...!

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John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.
Here he is in Doctor Who season 1 Episode 12, "Bad Wolf":

And here he is in his personal tumblr account, allegedly...

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This is my personal favorite. Gotta love how the creator brought Eddie Izzard's stand-up sketch to life.

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Then, there is the untold story of the Black Sheep Christiansen son, Hermey, who didn't want to make toys...

[youtube day3yvj3f7s youtube]

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Super Mario Mushnik...?

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Or we can just shop third-world and buy 'hot' patio furniture, or build with 'hot' imported rebar.

"...For example, in Mexico, notes Hesch, a source containing cobalt was transferred from a scrap yard and was smelted. This contaminated the steel mills and the products they produced. Radioactive rebar was built into patio furniture that was shipped to the United States and distributed in 40 states. Rebar was also imbedded at construction sites..."

From an article in Recycling Today, 7 August 2001

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And yet the Los Angeles Pacific Electric Railway (Red Car) line serviced the suburbs from the get-go, since L.A. lacked a residential "down town" per-se. The advent of freeways made private cars more convenient, until, inevitably, too many cars made the freeways into veritable parking lots. What would Angelenos give to have the old Red Car Line back again in its heyday prime...?