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Yeah, I gave my driver off as well.. I am a golf pro and I have fit Mayor Bllomberg and played a round of golf with him. He is a very nice guy, but he is NO RUDY....

That driver line, really pissed me off... they are talking about them being billionaires... ARE YOU SERIOUS???

Couric, HUSSEIN.... yeah she said it and the Island of Manhattan will be in lockdown and NOW IT WILL TAKE me forever to get home.... I work by the UN and run a Callaway CPAS center and I hate when ANY people come into Manhattan for anything.... damn, it takes forever and a day to get around...

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Just sick to my stomach....

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Green, yeah it is a ruse,
... just for the damn politicians can get more GREEN.. or green backs from the people of this great land.... DAMN, I hated Al Gore before all this started and this is pushing the line a little more..... these damn greener"S" just want the money and power....

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Yeah the elitists have there agenda they have to push as well.... just call Al Gore in his private jet.... man, what a LIFE these people have.. I am going through one of the wost phases of my life right now and these JERK-OFFs are talking about global warming... damn, go to the senate and ask them for money for me and my family.... I need the help instead of these actors and the like complaning about global warming??? WTF???? it is cylical andI can say these, I am not a scientist and this has happened more then a few times over th emillions of years since the earth was around... maye the BIG BANG caused the global warming issue???

hey ACTORS, care about your self and not me......

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Penn, what a glowing piece of humanity..... I just love the fact NO IT IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS..... what would give you that idea...a bunch of BS....

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Maddow I guess is super intelligent. She has NO AUDIENCE and her views are so OFF BASE IMHO..... Just another one that deserves to be on MSNBC.

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Well, lets see they want amnesty for someone that broke the law and that was there first thing done in the United States??? Really?

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Well, I did not see it and I do not watch CBS, thank god....push that envelope a little further along....

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Would you expect anything else in there play book, look they are thugs.... and they want America to think that the TEA PARTY is a militant group.... whatever, these pigs will lose some of there control come this November..... then O 2012..... please come SOON....

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Well, the left always says "DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO" The dissent was patriotic under the Bush Presidency.