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I have an idea for Horowitz supporters (and at least those who would like all sides to have a fair airing) as a RESPONSE ONLY to such antics, start chanting en masse "astroturf", "astroturf" Let them know we have their number.

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They are brainwashed ignoramuses. This article is too charitable implying walkout somehow spontaneous. It is phony baloney #astroturf through and through. They are not fooling anyone (except perhaps themselves - I have an idea, these morons are so brain dead and incapable of thinking for themselves, perhaps if we float the meme that drinking bleach will make you lose inches we won't have to deal with many more of them..?)

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STAGED, PRE-PLANNED #astroturf phony 'walk out' The lef't's tactics are so obvious.

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Invasion is putting it nicely. Let's stop mincing words and admit the VERY strong race issue here. It has all of of the hallmarks of cultural and racial GENOCIDE, but since it is genocide against white people it is not reported as such nor are we allowed to discuss it openly (two characteristics of the dialogue that prove my very point of genocide.)

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Haters like the folks at Politico always over-reach sooner or later. They just can't help themselves!

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That term "p.c. grievance mongers" has a certain ring to it - I will store it away for future use! As far as the folks on the left shreiking about racial stereotyping, perhaps the cartoonist should have depicted Obama as a triumphant Viking instead?? Norman conqueror?? Apparently p.c. skin is extremely thin.

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Andrew Breitbart, If I weren't already married and a mother I'd have your baby!!! SOOO dang HAWTTTT!!! (It took me over a year, but I FINALLY got the reference to riding sidesaddle on your FB profile. So call me slow - I'm still totally on board!)

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So what's your point VJis RIGHT? It would seem you are saying that only rich white men are smart enough to run fortune 500 companies? And NO I DON'T accept the pretext here that Fortune 500 companies are singularly at fault. They have played a role to be sure but I would argue that has been largely jockeying and constantly trying to stay competitive in the business stifling, confiscatory federal environment being forced on them by Congress who panders mostly to, you guessed it: blacks, women and Mexicans.

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What's amazing to me is how MSNBC doesn't even try to disguise the fact that they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for communism.

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Even though Kathy Griffin may have earned a few more minutes of waning notoriety on Sarah Palin's name, the fact remains: Palin is still WAY prettier, much more loved and makes WAY more money than Griffin. Winning!!