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Republicans need to learn how to proactively respond to the standard pro-abortion chestnuts of "even in the case of rape or incest." Throw the question back at those who would use the very real pain and suffering of rape victims as a rhetorical prop: Just exactly HOW will a woman who's suffering from the trauma of a rape be helped by an abortion? Will it make the rape un-happen? Will it not add another deep layer of trauma and guilt on top of the trauma and psychological problems she's already dealing with?
As for incest: 99.9% of the time, who do you think is driving that 13-year-old incest victim to the Planned Parenthood clinic, where the incriminating evidence of the incestuous relationship will be discreetly eliminated with no questions asked, allowing the victimization to continue? This is what the status quo of Roe v Wade allows.

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The unspoken assumption here is that what Akin said is inaccurate. Not true. If by "legitimate rape" (an admittedly ill-advised distinction) he means forcible rape, that facts confirm that physical trauma does suppress a woman's fertility, and makes conception and implantation unlikely. However, many rapes are not forcible: the 14-year-old who's a willing partner with her 35-year-old soccer coach; the woman who's had too much to drink, or who has been slipped rohetenol and doesn't remember what's happened; the psychiatrist patient who's seduced by her therapist. All are considered rapes, and subsequent pregnancies are all lumped as rape-related.

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No wonder Obama is so clueless about the sh*tstorm he's just stepped in: most of the "good Catholics" he knows are idiots like Schakowski, Sebelius, and Biden. Shame on those bishops who over the past three decades have given political cover to "pro-choice" morons like these by pulling the "seamless garment" definition of pro-life adherence over their congregations' eyes.

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Fun Fan Fiction Flaunts its Fickle Face Flagrantly.

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I loved Cumberbach as William Pitt the Younger in "Amazing Grace," and he's perfect for Sherlock. Only wish the series had more episodes; I've seen the few they released on PBS endlessly repeated. I'm glad to hear that there will soon be more.

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We DO need a leaner and meaner military. But bloated and overextended as it is, US military expenditures are a drop in the bucket when looking for the causes of our $15.2 national debt. The massive metasic growth of entitlement spending has a moral component which transcends mere economic considerations. Maggie Thatcher was right: socialism is doomed to failure, not just because it doesn't work, but because it is immoral, and creates an amoral populace who have no problems with using the social safety net as a permanent hammock.

Government programs which proactively work against the interest of intact families destroy the framework upon which economic recovery and expansion must rely.

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The surprise strength of Rick Santorum shows that the gap between social and economic conservatives is a lot narrower than the Lamestream and the Ronulans would have you believe.

Both true economic and social conservatives base their convictions on the inherent rights of the individual against the claims of an expansionist state. The same overreaching state which claims the power to redefine just who is recognized as a human person entitled to legal protection, or to adjust the definition of what constitutes a family, is a state which feels entitled to tell you when "you've made enough money."

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What's depressing here is watching Bachman and Perry engaging in exactly the kind of mutually-destructive rhetoric which will be used by hacks like Mark Duell to pummel the eventual winner. The media wants to turn the GOP primaries into a prolonged knife-fight in a rubber boat. And sadly, most of the candidates are complying in tearing each other down.

I will vote for the inevitable winner of the GOP primary, even if, as VodkaPundit puts it, the eventual winner is
"The ghost of Richard Nixon running on the platform of: 'BRAAIINNSS!!; Because even Zombie Nixon would be an improvement over the current occupant of the White House."

I would remind every one of these candidates that one of them will eventually be running against Obama, and every smear made in the primaries will be resurrected in an Obama ad.

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Fallon cements his standing with the Smirking Class.

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Emerging to "Speak Truth to Power" before going home to his gated community.