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Excellent article David Morris!
I'd love to watch a liberal reading that, his head would probably explode in frustration!

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Any later than now will be too late!

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Go get em Nick!
This is a real chance for two things to happen.
1, The rabid dogs of the left to show their true colours to the nation once again confirming what a bunch of undemocratic extremist hooligans they really are.Unite Against Freedom are bound to turn up to add their Fascist tuppence to the proceedings!
2,(But most important) Our magnificent chairman and leader Nick griffin MEP to take on the very criminals that are destroying our country piece by piece in front of the watching nation, and to flagship the other policies that the party has within it's 100% common sense manifesto.

If, as will always be at the back of our minds, the BBC try fixing the audience or any other nasty tricks they will be showed up as cheats in front of the whole nation. Nick naturally does not beat about the bush so editing him would be a nightmare and obvious to all.
Two years ago we could only dream about this happening, now it's game on I cannot wait to see this great man take on the LibLabCon on such a stage in front of millions of viewers. By the time it comes round thanks to the frenzy leading up to it viewing figures for Question Time will probably hit a record high!

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What a splendid waste of money!
You can only think that's what they say when they decide to throw money at these ridiculous projects.

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I feel for your lad because i was in the same position when i was at school. I had to move twice because of it and my son will not suffer the same way. Over my dead body!
The slightest danger of this happening and he will be immediately withdrawn to be taught at home.
My teachers were the same. Spineless limp left wingers created by an educational system rife with political correctness and pandering to the Asian pupils.
It's not just the bullying either, the first mention from my Jack of Allah ,The Koran or Mecca and that's it.
I pull the plug!

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Merci laurent!
Believe me my friend, RESISTANCE IS STRONG!
We are fighting our own battles in a war we are together in. We see what goes on in France and we can certainly empathize with you and your cause, as you can with ours.
Stay strong over there and never surrender to the spreading cancer that is Islam!

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Expect more of the same on Sunday 13 September in London. There is a pro-palastine march planned in London and the Muslims are gathering numbers together for this via the Internet.They are saying that the EDL is attending so expect fireworks!
All these mass demonstrations turn to violence so should be nipped in the bud before it get's the chance to kick off.
Sunday evenings news programs should make interesting viewing.That is if the inevitable Muslim inspired violence gets coverage.

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SIckening. And to think, we're importing these kind of savages into Britain by the thousand.
This could be here in a few years time.

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You obviously visit this site religiously on a daily basis, it's obvious as we watch you trying to thumbs down all new comments made by the sensible minded. You can pretend no longer really to be anti violence thanks to your most recent public displays and your protection of this evil monster (Islam) is showing you up for what you really are. TRAITORS.Traitors to your country,children and your grandparents who will have all been involved in the war effort striving to give you your freedom and fighting for what you have now. At least if the worst happens and the Islamists get their way and rule over us, you will be truly sorry for the choices you are making today.
When you have helped your friends achieve domination, it is you they will turn on and you will deserve everything you get. Do you think your Liberal,socialist,feminist,pro drug,pro homosexual and frankly vile ways will be tolerated? You poor mis-guided fools if you think so.
Thankfully we in this party are not prepared to stand by and watch this destruction continue unabated.
No matter what you do you and how ever hard you try to stop us,shut us up,lie about us,make us scapegoats etc etc you will never be rid of us. We care too much to let ignorant fools detract us from our cause.
Keep watching folk's. We'll keep telling the truth to the waking masses!
P.S The thumbs UP button is on the left!

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Have they put the car bomb protection in place to protect against us angry brits?