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What many people find truly astounding is the fact that supposedly 'honourable' MPs from the other parties, while calling the BNP names, are actually guilty themselves of behaviour far worse than they accuse us of.

Is this evidence of their hypocrisy - which we know they are masters of - or something deeper? Personally - and I think that examining the record of this Labour government - many will agree with me, I think that their constant abuse and accusations against the BNP is to draw attention away from their own numerous crimes. Focus the attention of the people on a so-called 'bogeyman' outside the house and they won't notice the dangerous and ruthless criminal sitting comfortably inside.

The problem for these ruthless and dangerous criminals is that their crimes are now so numerous that there is no hiding them any longer from the people that they have deceived and robbed for years.

Well done to whoever put this fact sheet out - what a great shame that they can't do 'biographies' of all the criminals at Westminster who seek to fool the people of Britain yet again.

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"There once existed a super state that encouraged this type of spying on fellow citizens."

Since the 1930s. there were 2 super states in Europe alone who operated this way, and it is the hallmark of any totalitarian regime.

"Yet, a spiritual leader defending the perpetrator reveals the utter contempt that these people have for the indigenous community: “It really doesn’t concern us how the British people feel about the graffiti,” he bleated."

This is the attitude that really grates with the indigenous Britons - these people come here and should be grateful to live in our country instead of the Third World hellholes that they came from - yet this is the arrogant attitude that they display. I suggest that as they seem to think so little of the British people, and obviously hate everything about our Christian based western society, they should feel welcome to leave as soon as possible and return to the countries that they obviously want to replicate in our country.

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"incomplete postal votes from Asians who have few Language {English] skills"

One must ask the question that if somebody doesn't speak or understand English, what right do they have to a vote in our country's elections? Not only that, how can they possibly understand the policies of the different parties and understand arguments on the issues to make a reasoned decision about who to vote for?

As we have known all along, and was leaked out from the Labour government - these people have been imported here to become election fodder to support this corrupt government.

More reason to deport all non English speaking residents of Britain - if you cannot speak the language you cannot work to support yourself and you cannot become a part of the British community or make any contribution to that community. The refusal by immigrants to even learn English reveals their attitude towards us and our country - an invader mindset.

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We have always maintained that the politicians from the other parties hold the British people in contempt, so this only proves the point that the BNP has been trying to get across to the ordinary British voters. Many of these voters, growing up in earlier times, were used to more honest and humble politicians, men and women who thought that it was their duty to serve the people who elected them - and who felt honoured to do so. They were servants of the people. Unfortunately, voters who remember these honest public servants cannot comprehend the type of scum who inhabit Westminster today - what should be a beacon of democracy is a worm infested hole - and honest voters like Mrs Duffy just cannot understand the depths to which this scum will stoop.

Now perhaps they will begin to understand.

Brown has revealed that the British people are of no importance to him - and the contempt that he has revealed is shared by Cameron and Clegg and the others in Westminster. They just want the votes to get them elected again so they can continue treating us with the contempt that they have shown over the last few decades.

This contempt has been revealed in this election campaign. All of the other parties have refused to discuss the two issues of prime importance to most British voters - mass immigration and our loss of sovereignty to the EU. Just as both of these issues have become of major importance to the British people because these politicians have ignored the wishes of the British people on these issues for decades - and now their message is that they still don't intend to listen to us. What arrogance.

Are there still people in Britain who will vote for these arrogant politicians and their parties? If they do, they surely should know what to expect from such people. More mass immigration and more rule from Europe, and any complaints will be met with silence at best and abuse at worst.

Interestingly, the Home Office has been warned that Rochdale, where Mrs Duffy lives, is at risk of race riots due to the ethnic populations there rising so fast - this in a country which in 1945 (a short 65 years ago) didn't have an ethnic population. Now our once peaceful and united country is threatened by race riots - and still the politicians from the other parties think that their mass immigration policies are of benefit to us? They should hang their heads in shame that they have brought Britain and her people such dangers in their own homeland - and I for one will never forgive them or forget this betrayal.

Perhaps it is interesting to understand the mindset of this Ruling Elite who have so destroyed our country:

This link is to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) a left wing Labour supporting and Labour supported 'think tank'. Funded by tax payer's money (without their knowledge or authorisation) and other institutions with vested interests (also using our money) this 'institute' has come out with many 'gems' but this latest reveals the perverted mind set of those who rule us and who influence them.

Third paragraph down:

"There is nothing that convinces a progressive more that they are in the right than finding that most people disagree with them."

So these arrogant 'progressives' become more hell bent on their objectives when they know that the majority of British people disagree with those objectives. In the same paragraph:

"A particularly unfortunate element of this syndrome in relation to migration is a tendency to characterise our opponents as nasty, stupid and backward. By so doing, we give ourselves license to either patronise or ignore them."

So there we have it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. They pursue objectives that they know the majority of British people don't agree with - like mass immigration - and then they call us names when we object to their destruction of our country.

The very first thing that a BNP government should do is to cut off the tax payer funding of these 'charities' (which the IPPR declares itself to be) and set these 'progressives' to doing real jobs, like digging large holes in some remote place far from Britain. These people have done unimaginable damage to Britain and her people because their arrogance tells them that the more of us who disagree with their views, the more right those views are.

Vote BNP and throw the whole arrogant lot on the rubbish heap of history - Brown, Cameron and Clegg included.

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I too saw the news in the media about a 'survey' which found that 'all' of us find mixed race people more attractive than non mixed race people - and thought that this 'news' was conveniently timed for the election. Just as a recent IPPR report 'found' that mass immigration was not the reason for the growth in support for the BNP (!) - the desperate opposition seems determined to tell the British people how to think. Whatever our personal feelings, we 'will' like mixed race people and we 'don't' support the BNP because of mass immigration, which we all 'like'. Talk about attempted brainwashing. Which only goes to prove the contempt that the politicians from the other parties hold for the British people - they think that these planted reports in the media will change our minds.

As for personal experience, I cannot think of one person that I know who finds a mixed race celebrity attractive - so I have no idea who they asked to form such opinions.

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“In 200 years time, we’ll all be coffee coloured, and I welcome that,” Mr Walkington said."

I wonder how Mr Walkington thinks that in 200 years time we will all be coffee coloured? Has he started the process by inter marrying with an immigrant from another race and producing mixed race children? Although I can find no pictures of his wife Francesca or their children (Edward, Tom and Dora) - if they are mixed race their names certainly don't indicate their mixed heritage, which would show a certain hypocrisy as those who believe in the benefits of joining races through blood should also surely believe in the benefits of mixed cultures too and be prepared to celebrate that mixing of cultures by giving their children names from those cultures?

Although this Lib Dem candidate Sandy Walkington traveled the world, even working alongside Turks in Germany, and no doubt met many people from different races along the way - it would appear that he didn't feel any personal attraction to them, but instead settled on someone from his own race and background to marry and produce children with.

So I ask the question again - quite how does Mr Walkington think that Britons in 200 years time will all be 'coffee coloured' when he himself does not want to start the process off by marrying someone from a different race?

That is the question that reveals the stupidity and hypocrisy of these 'mongrel' race promoters.

The stupidity is the fact that overwhelmingly people are physically attracted to and prefer people from their own race and culture. It is not something controlled by racial or cultural bias or prejudice - it is a simple natural fact that people from across the planet find their own kind attractive and feel no attraction to people from other races. There are always exceptions, but those exceptions are just that, they are not the norm - otherwise we would already be seeing a steady mixing of the races in Britain. If we were to examine countries with a long history of immigration, the USA for example, we would already see mostly coffee coloured people if Sandy Walkington's predictions were true - but we don't. What we see in the US is a distinct separation of races and cultures - and the US has been in existence for well over 200 years.

The hypocrisy of people like Sandy Walkington is that while they 'dream' of this mixing of races and cultures to produce this coffee coloured future for Britain - they themselves refuse to start the process off, but somehow think that while they personally shun this 'natural' progression by marrying someone from another race and culture, the rest of us will do it for them. Mr Walkington doesn't state what kind of culture he thinks that coffee coloured Britons of 200 years time will have, but surely he is not naive enough to believe that it will be the British culture that he seems to have benefited from?

On reflection, Sandy Walkington is a typical example of the Lib/Lab/Con parties - with the 'do as I say, not as I do' mentality of these parties. When I see these politicians living in areas dominated by immigrants and daily 'enjoying' the 'benefits' of multi-cultural and multi-racial Britain - instead of living in their little British villages and towns well away from the 'joys' that they want us to experience, I may take notice of what they say, or at least treat it with some respect. As it is however, I refuse to listen to their hypocritical drivel.

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The whole Olympics fiasco is beyond a joke. Most native Londoners didn't want them but welcomed what we thought would be a jobs boom - with a resultant increase in higher wages because of what should have been a labour shortage. The fact that tax payers are paying for the whole thing, it seemed only right and fair that we should also benefit from it.

However, we reckoned without the slimy skills of the politicians from the other parties - very handy at extracting every last penny from the tax payer to benefit and enrich themselves and their friends - and as we have seen, also very handy at stabbing the British people and British workers in the back.

The end result has been a multi £billion bill for the people of this country - but not one penny in benefit. Instead, the surrounding area is even more of a dis-united nations than before with increased crime and all the other 'joys' of 'enrichment'. Money earned on the Olympics site will be sent overseas, to be spent there instead of in Britain. One of the primary economic rules is that a family or nation should keep their money 'in-house' where at all possible - and the £billions spent on wages for foreign workers must be added to all the other £billions that this government (and any conservative/lib dem government) fritters away on foreign aid, illegal wars and EU contributions. No wonder that our country is drowning in debt - but perversely, the politicians responsible for this economic catastrophe are all doing pretty well, in case you wondered.

One wonders if the Olympics were to be held in the Labour heartlands - say Liverpool - whether this betrayal of British workers would have happened? The answer would have to be 'Yes' because the British workers living in London were also mainly Labour voters - so here we have a prime example of the contempt that a Labour government holds for its own supporters. Yet still British workers vote for them?

The whole Olympics plan was not to benefit the British people but to create a cover for the politicians and their rich friends to cream off £millions from the British tax payer - which is exactly what they are doing right now. Anyone who votes for a continuation of this corruption by voting Lab/Lib/Cons gets all they deserve.

Vote BNP to end this lunacy and corruption and to put our country back into the hands of the people that it belongs to - the British people.

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"it's better than being on the dole"

Good for you. What many who have been on the dole long term don't realise is the amount of self respect and fulfillment gained by working - which you obviously do realise.

However, you say that you have been in these jobs for 4 years - and a lot has changed in those 4 years. Native Britons on the dole now will find that those low paid part time jobs are all filled by immigrants - immigrants who employers receive government subsidies for employing, so employers always choose the immigrant over the native Briton when hiring.

Why else would employers hire people whose English skills are so bad or their accents so strong that no one, including their co-workers can understand them?

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"It is only a matter of time before we start hearing about cases of tuberculosis which has not been around since the 40's "

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but TB (tuberculosis) rates in the UK are rising every year - with approximately 72% of new cases occurring in the non-UK born population.

There was a time, within my memory, when spitting in public was an offence, due to the TB bacteria being easily spread through saliva, yet now we see people spitting in public all the time - men and women. While some native Britons have this dirty habit, most of the people that I have seen spitting in public have been of Third World extraction.

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Reading your comment has made all the effort worthwhile! Not that it takes much effort to expose the truth.