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This coming general election is almost certainly the last one ever to be permitted by the EUSSR Kommissars, acting on behalf of the New World Order/one-world-government conspirators - the international bankers. When the voters - those whom the bankers call the "goyim", their word for cattle - have voted the the LibaLabConKip organised crime sydicate back into office with no possibility of it ever being removed by democratic mens and with every prospect of the process of removal of the remnants of our personal freedoms being greatly extended and accelerated, the BNP will need to consider carefully and in detail just how the indigenous peoples of these islands can be saved from what is otherwise certain annihilation.

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It is a tragedy that a pre-eminent party member, with youth very much on his side, should have proved to be so weak as to resort to an act or treachery which could only have yielded a financial benefit classifiable as paltry, at best. It is a great consolation, however, to know that treachery within the ranks of the BNP is very rare, thanks to the exceptionally high calibre of its leader and its members. I can recall only one previous instance.

For this election, we have an unprecedented 326 candidates. Trevor Phllips' pants must surely be well alight, since this extraordinary achievement is due in no small part to the backfiring villainy which he
short-sightedly perpetrated against us. Perhaps one day, a BNP government will have the privilege of erecting a public urinal to commemorate Mr Phillips' part in the salvation of our nation and people.

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It has always been a source of astonishment to me that Eugene Terre'Blanche believed in a paternalistic regime whereby Whites could make use of Black labour to the advantage of both. Similarities in appearance notwithstanding, whereas the now seriously endangered mountain gorilla is an essentially peaceable fellow who will become aggressive only when he feels seriously threatened, a Black African requires no such reason to propel him to resort to murderously extreme violence, as is now being demonstrated daily on the streets of Britain. He has, after all, zero ability to do anything else. The only surprise is that Terre'Blanche failed to take proper precautions to protect his person at all times and to sleep only behind impenetrably locked and fortified doors. The only sensible thing for the Whites to do is for all of them to get out of Africa and leave its native denizens to their own devices.

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Sixtythree point three million pounds to Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan but no money to pay the ransom demanded by the Somali pirate kidnappers of an innocent, elderly British couple who are being half-starved and terrorised although they have in all probability never harmed anyone on their lives. This, if not his £45billion tax raid on private pensions, serves as irrefutable proof that Broon is a pitiless, inhuman reptile,
resolutely committed the obeying his international banker paymasters' order to destroy his own country and its indigenous population.

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A microchip's "brain" can be given a painless lobotomy by placing a very strong magnet up against it, of the
Ticonal or Alnico types used in high output hi-fi loudspeakers. The chip won't show any sign of physical damage and it won't feel a thing. Problem is it won't be able to remember anything either. Instant Alzheimer's for bin chips!

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Winston: The three main parties are indeed heavily infested if not actually overrun with the supporters of unnatural acts between people. I agree with you, let us indeed shepherd them all into Brighton, but I'm not sure about letting them stop when they get to the beach.

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A superb post, gildedtumbril. Your fear of foreign troops being deployed in Britain to quell demonstrations of civil unrest is my expectation. All tyrannies throughout history, all the way back to the Roman Empire, have used foreign troops to suppress and sometimes to annihilate rebellious indigenous peoples. If and when this horrific contingency arises, it will be a question of whether the indigenous British aborigines' ARMY will or will not tolerate such treachery. The fact that the Troughminster Traitors are keeping our best soldiers pinned down permanently in a foreign war, possibly soon to be two foreign wars, suggests that
those treasonous cowards suspect that the British army would NOT, in fact, stand by and permit such an invasion to take place unopposed. In that event, the few troops we have on British soil will have to secure our airfields to ensure that our forces can return home and land safely, to do do what will have to be done to save our country from the wrath of the NWO conspirators.

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No Herbert, "A suitable Hindu style crematorium centre" [outdoor perforce, to meet their requirements] is
NOT a good idea. This is still Britain, not Bihar. If the Hindus want to fill the air with the stench of burning corpses, let them ship them back to the sub-continent. Or let them go back themselves, all of them. We don't need Hindus to fight Islam, historical precedents notwithstanding.

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The Black Police Officers' Association will not be closed down but will continue to serve as
an almost unassailable refuge for "bent" ethnic coppers. It is timely to remind people that Political Correctness, such as that which has rotted the core out of the police service, was originally called Cultural Marxism - the plan devised by the Frankfurt School Zionists in 1923 for the "deconstruction" of Western civilisation as a presquisite to the imposition of the New World Order/one-world government. A war of annihilation is being waged against us by our own traitor politicians in pursuit of their aim of becoming members of the world ruling elite. As Albert Einstein commented, there are two things which have no limits: infinity and human stupidity. The latter will ensure that the British people will not vote for their own salvation from the mass slaughter which the LibLabCon have in store for them. Therefore, the murderous traitors will have to be removed from power by the only means known to be effective in such circumstances.

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This is a superbly detailed and particularly finely crafted article. It deserves repeated reading until all its facts and the sinister implications of the man-made global warming scam are throughly understood and learned by heart. The article demonstrates unequivocally that the EU Kommissars' objective is indeed "to
extirpate the British nation and ist institutions, economy, sovereignty, culture, heritage and bloodline". On behalf of their New World Order paymasters, the EUSSR Kommissars are waging war of annihilation against us. I say again, wars are won by loyal, patriotic armies, not cardboard boxes full of bits of paper.