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Excellent post, 20 Million people is a massive number and white flight is the key. Every time the news reports NET Imigration going up people don't realise that not only is it going up but the people we need in this couuntry are leaving (white flight) and there numbers are being filled by third worlders- road to ruin becomes a self propelling cycle.

In my oppinion though the youngsters go to school with them and get quasi brainwashed but as they get older they begin to see through it, I've had this in my family with nephews nieces etc, there is hope there.
Great post though.

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The figures are a joke, I remeber a few years back it came on the news in the canteen at work and one mate said 'well stone me I must be seeing the same ones all day then!!!!' Sums it up doesn't it!

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There can be no partition of parts of Britain for them, that is undoubtably what they will begin to push for. Indeed its already happening, they are already using their Sharia to solve certain issues (as long as it doesn't contravene our law) but thats the thin end of the wedge and they know it. There plan is to use these 'Sharia courts' for a few years to show us that their system works well, they will run it eficiently until they can start to push for it to expand. Next they will begin carrying out their own policing in certain areas where they deal with their own problems 'look how well we are running this area, there is no need for you to waste tax money on policing and courts for us' and before you know it we will have enclaves. They stole Kosovo with the despicable backing of our 'Goverment'- that was a disgrace. We cannot let them have any of this Land- period.

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On reading the above account I was forming the usual thoughts in my mind when I encounter such typical behaviour, but the part that really jumped out at me is the fact He used a Koran to swear his oath rather than a just amazes me that this has been alowed to happen. What great traditions and institutions this Nation of ours has created and upheld only to see them fall into such disrepute. I noted Gladstone was mentioned in an article earlier this week, one can only imagine the sense of disgust and outrage that such great men would feel as they look down upon us. What a joke.

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Wouldn't it be great to see Nick Griffin on Question Time?? True the hand picked crowd would have a go at sneering his every comment but you just know there'd be droves of people sat bolt upright in their armchairs... 'Bleeding hell, thats the most common sense I've heard a politician speak in 25 Years'!!!!

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Bang on bigkev, that is precisely what they will do, they've been doing it for years. Every time the BNP manage to get a mention on National TV the reporters hunt for the most ill informed ignorant persons they can find 'Well, ya know, we gotta get them foreigners out innit'
There needs to be a way of getting the leaders out to be heard by the public, this website is a fantastic medium but I fear the majority of people that come here have already began to mistrust the MSM, I know I had.
I have many friends at work etc who agree with BNP policies, they would vote BNP if they had a chance at hearing them more often. We need to reach the people that are still naive to the marxist objectives and its ways of reaching its goals, we need to get a platform for the leaders to put our arguments across in an inteligent way that will help 'middle of the road' thinkers realise that we are NOT knuckle dragging scum.
The profile of the party has dramatically improved since the early 2000's but we need to continue to build on the success and sieze our window of opportunity, its near.

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Great article, who the hell does this treachorous scum Lauren Booth think she is speaking for when she says 'The British People' she is an enemy of anything British, I cannot describe the anger I feel when seeing white liberals pandering to these filth.

The Israelis pulled out of Gaza causing much internal political strife (digging up Jewish graveyards to facilitate the pullout) The Gazans then voted in a Terrorist organisation with a key manifesto pledge to destroy Israel.... the bias and selective memory of these people beggrs belief!!

The Palestinian people are used as pawns by Arab Governments to curry favour with selected demographs, and there 'plight' is used as an argument for Muslim muscle flexing the world over, this is a key example of this. The 'protests' in the videos above are Religiously driven, the 'protesters' are majority Muslim with the odd misguided liberal. They are itching for confrontation screaming 'Run cowardly Kuffar' and the old stalwart 'Allah u akhba'- clearly drawn on religios grounds. At one point the Filmaker shouts 'ohh we have got a war here'... well I say that the British Lion is rousing my friend and one should be wise with what one wishes for.

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I used to think that but have come to believe its more of a double whammy for them, think about it- what better thing to do than 'convert' a 'place of sin' into one of their haunts?? I think its an actual aim.

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This used to be my local pub, I lived about three streets away! My friend lives near there still He told me about 8 months back that they were making it into a mosque and I couldn't believe it, they also opened 'Bobbersmill comunity centre' near here...... for all intents and purposes thats a mosque. The whole area over the past 8 years has been swamped by 3rd worlders, the whole infrastructure around the place is creeking. Me and the girlfriend moved away as we couldn't bear it anymore. There is a cancer that is silently creeping through our once great nation, I thank you all for highlighting these minor incidents that combined are having a massive impact on our society. When will the majority wake up???