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This is the kind of action that once would have lead to a date with the Headsman.

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I don't know if there is anything the current monarchy can do about this--wasn't their power stripped away, and now serve a ceremonial purpose only?
That said, I like the princes, and I think they have better heads on their shoulders than their father. I think Prince Harry (that's not his real name is it?) is the least brainwashed of the royal family, and still has a deep love for his kinsman...

Of course I don't know the young man, but I can hope.

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During my class on British history, I really enjoyed the lecture "Discipline in the British Navy." There are so many good punishments, too! I'm sure "keel hauling" would teach this wayward sailor a lesson...assuming she survives!

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Isn't that called "entrapment"?

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You are very correct about the loss of editorial control. I'm on Facebook, and I have the official BNP group as a friend, but it's full of trolls and illiterates arguing from both sides. It looks really bad when the side arguing for the BNP can spell no better than a fourth grader.

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Reminds me of that old line "No sex please, we're English." Surely the native British have not forgotten how to make babies! Probably more a case of an indiginous population under extreme stress, and refusing to reproduce.

Course of action: identify the stressors and REMOVE THEM!

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I believe that the term "saints" is used to describe the way the Indians are portrayed in the West as benevolent, "saintly" people who can do no wrong. Europe is told that it would be terribly evil to deny the Indians the comforts of Western Civilization.

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My high school in Ohio was 97% white, with the standard mix of Polish, Italian, and German descended children that one usually finds in the Cleveland area. This however wasn't enough to stop to fighting and drug use that was common in my school. You see, my town was flanked on the west side by a black town, on the north side by a Hispanic town, and on the south side by rural "hicks" who earned supplimental income by growing pot and selling it to the local teens.

Point I'm trying to make is that a school can be all white and still fall apart, if the students aren't taught how to be better than what is glorified in the media. That's where the BNP education plan has to come in to play.

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I've got it! Follow my thoughts for a moment:

California, once the envy of the United States, has officially been over-run by Third Worlders, who bled the sweet teat dry. California now issues I.O.U.'s instead of tax refunds to the people who paid more in taxes than necessary. California's state government is finally considering the most obvious action needed: the elimination of the welfare state. Will it happen? not likely, since the state has a massive Mexican, black, and Asian population, and the rioting would last for weeks if their "gubmint" money was taken away.

But Britain has something the United States does not have, nor is even allowed to have: a nationalist party rising in power. California is dead--accept it. I would cut them loose if it was up to me (if only!) to save the northern part of the state. Britain can survive, but only if its people are willing to go into survival mode, and start cutting off the gangrene.

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And India was once called the "Miracle of the World" with wealth beyond imagining. Strikes me as a lot like Mexico: naturally rich, but with terrible corruption. America gets all the bottom-feeding Mexicans, and Britain gets all the bottom-feeding Indians.

The more I think about it, the more I think the United States, England, and the White Dominions (Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand) would have been a lot better off sticking together. Alas all that is now is a mere "what if...?" mental exercise.