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Actually Powys I must respectfully disagree on your first point, in their 3 terms in office they created our dudget deficit and national trade imbalance, they took over a relatively healthy economy and completely wrecked it, selling off our gold reserves at bargain basement prices - they have been an unmitigated disaster for this Country and yet may still have the most MPs in the next government of whatever flavour.

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A very, very serious and hopefully costly mistake, what is said in private is what you really think, he just made the mistake of letting us all know what he really thinks of the electorate. Mandelson, Campbell and Whelan can spin this as much as they like, there is no positive for them in this, ahhh shame. His arrogance is now plain for all to see, if you don't agree with his world view of things you are a bigot or worse.
Thing is the poor woman was quite pleasant, did.nt give him a hard time at all, the mistake she made was letting him in her house, should have ignored him at the door and let the camera's film him unable to perform any damage limitation.

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We should offer all households (and then businesses) grants (up to 100%) to insulate roof and walls, we should not be looking to increase production we should reduce consumption, for the same reason turn off all motorway lights except at junctions. In well lit urban area's turn off every other street light. Once we leave the EU we can keep our coal-fired power stations active until the nuclear stations come online and build new lean burn coal stations with de-sulphurisation, when we open up our coalfields again. Abondon completely the utterly useless wind turbines. One other approach that could be adopted could be to offer grants to households to install photo-voltaic solar panels which for most people are capable of running domestic hotwater, similarly with water harvesting systems.

Also scrap all speed camera's and speed traps, except in real accident black spots and to catch light jumpers perhaps.

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The BBC did all they could to potray the BNP as a single issue party, namely anti-immigration (or racist in their terms) and changed the format so Nick had no oppurtunity to discuss any other current topic. It serves their marxist leaders best if the people think the BNP are only about racism.

Have not seen the broadcast yet, seen a short clip on youtube, so hopefully it will get posted on the revelation TV website, will it be on bnptv?

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A very good friend of mine works for Lloyds (the taxowner owned one) and he has been slowly watching all of his British IT colleagues being replaced by Indian workers coming over to rpleace them, they also have the pleasure of teaching their replacements. He believes its only a matter of time before he is replaced by a much cheaper Indian who speaks very poor English

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There are however some very real global issues that need addressing, why do we not a Worldwide ban on the import/export of tropical hardwoods? That would be a very laudible aim.
Why is their a limit of $25,000 a day a Company can be fined for polluting, when that Company could be making tens of millions of $'s a day, so will happily pay the fine and carry on dumping.
Why after over a hundred years do we still have the same internal combustion engine we had back then, its hardly changed when everything else has seen massive development and improvement?
Why are we not investing now in alternative sources of energy when we know our coal plants are closing in five years - and I don't mean wind power. Where are the new nuclear power stations?
Why do we not get rewarded for recycling, only punished if we don't? Why does everything have so much packaging? Why do supermarkets still sell so much foreign produce, when that same produce can be produced here? Why is there so little discussion of food miles and even more importantly peak oil?

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Climate change is happening, and always will, our climate has always been in a state of flux and has never been steady state and never will be, to suggest otherwise is madness. Global warming may be happening right now, but equally it could be coooling, tomorrow may be different again. The biggest problem with the entire scam is when people say a set of results prove the concept of warming, they do no such thing, they suggest a possible trend nothing more. Even if you had ten thousand years of accurate temperature data from all around the World, you could not accurately predict what will happen next year or in ten years, there are just too many variables. Computer models are loaded with BS, no suprise BS comes out!

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One thing we can say with a fair degree of certainty is that we will all be free of Gordon Brown, Manelson and the others in about 6 months, hoorah to that!

Next shower might not be any better, so not too much to cheer, but we should at least see some benfit from a change of leadership. Not sure I could stand another 5 years of him and Mandy on the TV!

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Never heard of the volcano tax?

Neither have I, but there will probably be one, and a fart tax . Then we will all have to wear facemasks that extract the CO2 from our exhaled air - don't laugh - it could happen. Our leaders are probably just about insane enough!

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Just saw this on the BBC website:

"This is a very important moment for the world," Mr Brown said.

"It is possible that we will not get an agreement and it is also true that there are many issues to be sorted out. But I am determined... to do everything I can to bring the world together."

The man is an ego-maniac, his notion of self importance and arrogance is staggering. Mr Brown almost everyone in this Country hates you and we are counting down the days until you are removed from power you did not win on your own merit. You are a traitor to this Country and have sold us out to the EU.