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When I think of Phyllis, I can't feel my wiener.

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Better not mess with my girls. My girls tease their hair really high, so they have a place to hide their razor blades when they go to school. And they're devastating when they use their high heels like ball peen hammers.

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I watched that Gomer(t), video and his little bitzy, teensie weensie dyed eyebrows jumping around gave me an Acid flashback that was so severe, I couldn't make out any of the words he was saying.

That little cartoon animal mouth didn't help much either.

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If you send them pictures of your genitals, they send you a little white box of See's Chocolates back, and a card on your birthday forever.

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I could nail this shit so fast, but for, you know, I'm insane.

It's kind of a handicap.

AND, I really don't like writing about blowjobs, because writing about blowjobs is, well, it's vulgar, and I really don't like that sort of thing. But if I get blowjobs, that's different.

Will Write For Blowjobs. Thank you. Peace... God bless... Blow me.

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He wants to go back to the good old, non race based style slavery, practiced in the Ancient World, like Rome for instance.

You can still fuck 'em, make 'em fight in amphitheaters and send them to the salt mines, but hey, it's Biblical.

The spirituality of this man is breathtaking. Simply breathtaking.

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These comments were dumber than usual, by several orders of magnitude, and that's saying a lot.

I think we're in the process of devolving. Actually, I'm sure of it.

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Hey, did you notice that Femenista's smile?

I love her smile. It looks like a raccoon who just ate a baby smile.

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I first became aware of Femen, through the exploits of my favorite person, Aliaa Elmahdy of Egypt. I have no favorite men. I don't need a favorite man, because I have a couple of dogs, and when you've got a dog, you don't need a man. They're interchangable, but dogs smell better.

I support Femen in all things. Femen is always right.

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I love her smile.