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Like, you realize that the FCC already prohibits speech on television in all sorts of ways.

And didn't I just read an S.T. Karnick piece here a few days ago about how awesome the Production Code was?

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Oh, hey, I'm not banned any more. What up! Sorry for the double-post. IntenseDebate is terrible on a pretty epic scale.

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Wrote one up special. Always glad to help!

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Wait wait wait wait

So you guys think "Watchmen" is conservative?

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Too on-the-nose, too. Of all the punchlines you could go with for that Clinton thing, "We'd all be speaking Arabic"? That's the best you can do? These are just, like, C-list blog talking points, not jokes.

Y'all should write some punchlines for that one. I bet they'd be better.

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Yeah, Sloan totally make all their records with Garageband.

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And you're not a class A idiot, you're just "untradtionally intelligent."

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Dude what?

When I say "fratboyish" I don't mean frats or college guys specifically, I'm talking about the standard *conservative* criticism of a 20-something guy culture that values extended adolescence (binge drinking, video games, sexual promiscuity) and puts off traditional "manly" virtues like getting a good job, house, wife, kids, etc. This is the type of masculinity someone like Jenner gives off, not a metrosexual one.

Alls I'm saying is that Lindsay picked the wrong gender critique of "Bromance." It's not about wussy masculinity, it's about extended adolescence. The title is a fake-gay fratboy-style joke, as are the candles, etc.

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Oh, I wasn't casting aspersions on you or any of the commentators (well, maybe Lola). I was thinking of Gary Graham's whiny pieces, actually.

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Just look at the fake tan Lindsay's sporting in that photo. Metrosexual, heal thyself!

Brody Jenner is kind of a spoiled tool. He's emotionally stunted, fratboyish, a jerk to women. He's actually not a sensitive wussy metrosexual at all.

The concept of that "Bromance" show isn't that it's touchy-feely or metro, it's all tongue-in-cheek, half-joke. It's decidedly fratboy. Fratboy culture loves clowning around with fake-gay innuendo.

Not that that's much better, it's just something different. If you want to make it about CRISIS IN MASCULINITY, this one's more about the whole stunted man-child thing than being affeminant.

Seriously though, it's not just me right? Look at that picture of Joseph Lindsay, then look at that picture of Brody Jenner, and tell me who's more butch.