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My hometown paper in print and online in our very red county is extremely blue in opinion. The guest columnists are from the local private liberal arts college, many of whom whorship Castro and Chavez as heroic figures. That they have utterly alienated the community and the paper is dying fast seems to slip past them without a hint of recognition.

They just get more outraged, more red in the face, more spittle flecked in reply, as their poll numbers fall,, it's never taht they fail, or aren't getting the right message out, or need to rethink,..

it's us, we are to blame, and the more we reject the liberals, the more white hot their rage at the community for failling to obey them with the proper respect. Hubris is always ugly, but in a liberal, it's especially horrific, as they consume themselves in rage at OUR failure to embrace their wonderfulness.

When it ends, it'll be really bad, the hard left can't ever blame itself, it always needs scapegoats. So when the O's numbers finally drop below recoverable levels, they will explode in fit of blame passing the like of which we have never seen before.

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Only a leftist dolt is stupid enough to believe the many millions of Americans who vote on the center to right, are going to "enslave Americans to corporations." as part of the VRWC,... you think we who make less than 50,000 a year vote conservative to "enslave" you pinkassed liberal arts majors to big oil or something?


it never occur to you rocket scientists on the left, that principles of small government, and Jeffersonian ideals might hold some appeal to independent thinking people?

You lemmings on the left, can't even think up your own put downs, the new party of the rich, (dems stand up), tells working class America, we're rich republicans while they pocket millions fom the so called green movement, and corperations like GE.

then wonder why they look like idiots.

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Mixed marriage, I was a 7th Day Adventist, (lapsed),.. she was a Nazerine,. quite a match up. I couldn't align myself with the pacifism of my upbringing, breaking with it to enlist in the cold war. My wife just faded away from hers,..

Believe it or not, the faith we both came to want to learn more about, independently of each other,.. was the Roman Catholic Church. It's the deep deep traditions and moral strength we find so interesting, we've learned to become a catholic is no simple or easy thing, it has to be striven for as all the best things worth having must be. It's not just calling yourself something, it's earned.

Unfashionable these days,.

but in certain quarters, so is patriotism and faith in the Constitution,. so it's among good company.

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I know what you mean, I frankly never go to the theater anymore, just watch the DVDs my wife buys. I had no earthy idea these films were out there, let alone winning awards.


Like you, sick to my stomach, we have a daughter 10, a son 7,.. we do our best, try to stay the moral line. Neither of us came from strongly eligious backgrounds, though we are christian. We, both of us are coming to the decision we should pick a congrgation, and go back to the arms of the faith.

What kind of moral pygmy could look at this list and be fine with it?

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Oddly, I liked him best in The Last Starfighter, pure escapist camp sci-fi at it's best. The thing about Mr. Preston, was he didn't come across as a bad man, a conman sure, but one that you couldn't help but like, and one that,
in the end,..

would do the right thing because he just couldn't hurt anybody.

How could you not like him?

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Types like Moore get their pleasure from the hubris in the most self centered of conciets.

He fancies himself the one truth teller in a land of fools. To be mainstream, in his mindset is to be dumb, conformist and just another sheep. But to be a radical.........

whoooa dude...

That makes him smarter than us mere herd, his ideas can be useless as an old I dream of Jeni script, it's that his thinking is so wildly out of step that proves to him, that he's obviously much smarter than all of us, much better qualified to judge us than we our ourselves. He derives his immense ego from telling himself, his oddball stance is another piece of evidence that it's the 99% who are clueless...

but Mikey ol buddy,..

when 99 out of a hundred tell you that you're a bloated obnoxious reject with BO and p*ss poor social skills,..

I'd say, chances are, you need manners and a bar of soap..

telling us it's you who are correct in matters of hygene,.. won't sell all that well.

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I already saw an article where Moore was saying his investers would be pretty P'O'd by the movie he made, biting the hand that fed him.

So no, he's got his money protected, squirreled away lest the taxman come for him,.. he's a rabid leftwinger, they never fail to cheat on their taxes, it's us common folk what deserve the red hot tongs and rack. See, we aren't true believers in Moore's perfection.

Justice, karma has it's own timetable,

I expect Moore will find his payback slightly more painful than merely loosing money. You don't advocate chattel slavery of an entire people without encurring the wrath of Heavan, one way or another it will end badly for him, I'm not saying it should,..

just that fate has it's own kind of justice.

he's grown fat off misery, and advocated slavery to solve that misery,. I doubt God is amused.

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Just think, if unemployment hits, 20%, (already has, but they don't count the ones who's unemployement has run out without finding work.), but if the MSM reported the figure...

Joe Biden would be telling us it'd have been so much worse,

Joe Biden,.. Joe Izuzu,. I keep mixing the two up, which one is the outrageous liar nd pitchman again?

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I kinda thought it had that feel, but with libs being so literal sometimes, it's hard to tell.

Apologies to Mr. Tom, for missing it.

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You're right, they don't, not even close.

I saw an interview once with an avowed Marxist, and I had several conversations with one I knew here locally. She was the liberal arts school kind, who ws outraged by "social injustice" and the rape of dear mother Gia. They both had one common theme.

If only,.. the numbed masses would LISTEN to them, why of course we'd all immediately agree with everything they say, accept their solutions, jail and shoot the folks she hated, .. then all would be peace and brotherhood for all mankind

They are that deluded.

Moore fancies himself a Christ figure who will lead us to secular utopia, with him as the ultimate sayer of what is right and good.

Funny how the so called prophets always have the "I'll be your leader so pay me outrageous amounts of cash" thing going on for them,.. the best part, Moore refused to pay union scale employees since it was "his" money.