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First of all, I would like to thank those among you who generously offered their kind words of support ....

As it is Christmas Eve, it would be really lovely if everyone could take a moment and sincerely try to illicit a bit of tolerance and respect toward our fellow man.

At the end of the day, you will be remembered as a "PERSON" not a "party member"
Were you a good person?
A loyal friend?
A loving parent?
A generous and compassionate human being?

Right now, I am counting my blessings and my dear Father is the greatest one of all :)

Merry Chrismas to you and yours

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Whoa! Sorry, I am not going to be able to let that one slide.

Are you aware that an actor is just repeating words written on a page? Did you know that my Father did not write any of the scripts for that show?

In fact, unlike almost every other lead actor in the industry, my Father has always recited every written word on the page verbatim.

Almost all major "stars" in the industry usually think they can write better that the screenwriter, however my Father respected their gifts enough to allow them to just do their job. The keyword here is "RESPECT". My Father is a cosumate professional and he has EARNED that respect.

I will not allow anyone to try to tarnish that in any way just because you don't agree with his politics.

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BTW, if you had read my Father's story, you would have learned that he overcame the obstacles of a brutal childhood to become a major champion for the underdog, a proactive pioneer in the industry and one of the most beloved actors of all time. Even more impressive, he is an extremely generous humanitarian and a truly wonderful human being. Those things sholud be far more important that any personal political agenda could ever be.
He was also a Merchant Marine, served in the Korean War, rescued and cared for a young Korean orphan, earned two purple hearts and even went back to Vietnam to show his support for the troops, so please, at the very least, would you kindly show him the respect that any brave American war hero deserves.
The good news is that some people must be enjoying it as it has been nominated for "BOOK OF THE YEAR", it was very highly ranked on Amazon, it is on the NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLER list and it is already in its 4th printing in just under two months.
To those of you who actually "GOT IT"....Thank you. I salute you!

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I am truly surprised by some of the comments on here about my Father,which are so utterly hateful. Do you usually just despise everyone who does not agree with you? NEWSFLASH-NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO AGREE WITH YOU 100% ABOUT EVERYTHING (not even the people in your own political party)

I have gone my entire life without a single person ever saying a bad word about him and since his autobiography came out, a few narrow-minded haters, who do not agree with his politics, have decided that it is "open season." Sorry, not on my watch!

This book is not about POLITICS, SEX, RELIGION, or any other topic that you may or may not have your own personal opinions about. This particular book is entitled "THE GARNER FILES" and considering this is his book, he should obviously be able to express his views on any subject.

This is a free country so, don't buy the book. But please don't attack my Father, call him names, judge him or criticize his book, just because you don't agree with his political views.