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Good eye!

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"She is from humble origins and has worked for everything she has gotten." So was MJ and did MJ.

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Well, you mis-referred to the latest incarnation of his name as 'John "Cougar" Mellencamp.' But, he's changed it so many times, who can really keep track?

Much improved over your assertion that "American Idiot" marked Green Day's arrival on the music scene.

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Not the most tasteful analogy. But, you made your point. However, the SR reboot was average, at worst, IMO, much like Brett Ratner's "Red Dragon" was average (another film I can't hate, because of some decent elements involved). They were both films told in a very similar tone to its main successful progenitor (respectively, the 1978 Superman and "The Silence of the Lambs"; NOTE: even though "Red Dragon" is a retelling of the novel post-"Manhunter," it was more a companion piece to "Lambs" and was only made because of the success of "Lambs" and interest in the franchise that "Hannibal" proved still existed). And, though there was plenty bad about SR reboot, the introduction to Lex Luther was fun and campy. Parker Posey also did a good job. I'd give the SR reboot a C-. The only two things that I can think of that sucked were Kate Bosworth and the length of the film.

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"Put that on your Web-Site Dearie"

Ha! Good one.

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Transformers movie. Why?

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I'm with Carolyn. Besides, it's old news that it was a sperm donor who fathered the children.

One word: google.

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Grow up Ricky.

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I clearly state that the irony comment is in regards to the article about Maher juxtaposed to an earlier photo of him.

Yes, Alanis' song was about happy little coincidences void of irony. Though, she may have the ultimate joke on us, as, what's more ironic than writing a song about irony that has absolutely nothing to do with irony? Only she knows.