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WeaponX , you get the prize. I think you are the first person to apply logic to the scenario. Well done :)

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Mr Prither.:The subject to me has always been a tricky one. I think he might actually being saying what he means on this one.

A lot of people's ideals, morals and opinions about sex and sexuality are formed during their childhood. Even though these views can change, they have a strong weight on what one thinks is "right". Given that and what we know about Obama's upbringing, it wouldnt be too much of a suprise to find out that he is against gay marriage. Obama's first male role models in his life were both devout muslims. Obama himself was educated within the Muslim tennants. Homosexuality is one of the worst sins in that religion. So much so, that it is protocol to kill all parties involved, regardless of their willingness in the sex act. Indeed, the intolerance of homosexuality did not stop with his upbringing--Reverend Wright's church does not have a stellar record on the matter either. His belief system has been strongly influenced in a very anti-gay way so his ideals might follow suit.

That's all just conjecture though :)

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Way to go on staying true to what you believe. It takes a strong person not to cave to (un)popular sentiment. You are an inspiration to little girls everywhere.

Thanks for posting on bighollywood!

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SQT. As for magazines, I get the Economist and ESPN. I also get the FT delivered.

Here's a list of magazines that are decidely conservative/moderate.

<a href="" target="_blank">

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Dan, don't know if you watched Law & Order last night, but your yellow "Don't Tread on Me" identifier was used for one of the crazy, paranoid anti government websites. I thought of you

....and then i thought..."they ARE watching us" . Too bad, theyre not reading our comments. They could likely learn something

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Look at us!!! Talking about race and racism....who's the coward now, Mr. Holder?

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"considering that the entire Court is populated by such white men"..... seriously? Clarence Thomas is white? Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a man? All this time,I never knew.....

And it should be noted that it doesn't HAVE to be anyone. It should be someone that's qualified regardless of their physical attributes. Besides, by your logic, Miers should have had the full support of Democrats just because she was a woman. I don't suspect you know who that is though.

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Very true....But I suppose I'd rather be a Typo Extremist than a Grammar/Punctuation populist and end up spelling like a troll.

Evading/breaking/creating laws seem to be the theme of 2009. Being a steward of the law, I find this disconcerting as it makes my job more difficult and seems to be giving me less time to read bighollywood. Thanks Obama.

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I believe the current administration would call you the Czar of Typos. That way you can avoid the whole confirmation process.

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Only a liberal would say "my goal is not to win".....

Auntie, if you ever wanna get out of that basement, you gotta dream big!!! YES YOU CAN!!!!!