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If Cosby was racist, it was to his own people. Right wingers loved him cause he spent the past decade attacking black people, from mothers down on to their sons, telling them everything was their fault, blah, blah, blah! So what the hell are you talking about? White people loved him and cheered him on every step of the way and he certainly returned the favor!

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Seriously! I'm super-duper gay and even I don't hang out with priests!

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Taxes will be eliminated and we'll all be rich 'cause once everyone's incomes double as a result of all taxes being eliminated, unregulated Big Business will never, ever raise prices through the roof and cause the kind of inflation that will make those incomes obsolete within months, right? Brain-dead fuckwads all!

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I actually have an erection from reading the mayor's biography. As the Salt & the Pepper said, "whattaman, whattaman, whattaman, whattamighty good man!"

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Drake, sweetie, we all know that was no fight over Rihanna; that was a lover's spat between you and Chrissie Brown! Both you and Ms. Brown should be rapping "Started AS a bottom"! Am I rite ladies??!!

**2 snaps, a twirl and a pirouette right outta here!**

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I love that unlike at a lot of other Black-oriented blogs, the readers of MissJia are NOT bigoted when it comes to us gays. I love it! It gets depressing to go to places like Bossip and see one ignorant garbage after another thrown at us, by people who know what it is to be treated like a third class citizen at that! (in other words, people that should know better!) Love you guys!

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LMAO! Of course you're from Florida...!

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A lot of these freaky flasher dudes are aroused by humiliation, both yours and theirs. Some of them are into humiliating you by making you look at their greasy penis against your will (which is most definitely a form of rape) and some others are into being humiliated, so you might wanna keep in mind that when you point and laugh about how tiny it is and how "it couldn't get a grasshopper off it's so small", they are actually getting off on that. Basically, you can't win with these superfreaks.

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Well, there was also that one time he told some dude to sacrifice his son as a test...and he also destroyed the entire world a couple times cause we was all getting a little too freaky for him...I can go on but I'm getting depressed.

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