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I've seen a lot of people saying that Florida law requires them to post a $50 million bond just to appeal. That's a lot of money just to appeal. I wonder if insurance will cover that since it's just the bond?

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It frustrating that they shy away from showing explicit gay male sex but have no problem continuing to show racy lesbian sex scenes. Oberyn Martell is the perfect character to go over the top with the homosexual sex scenes yet they continue to show reserve. Even this week, Oberyn barely cuddles with his male prostitute while Ellaria has some chick going down on her. It's frustrating that they won't risk alienating their fanboys to show some dude getting blown by another dude. BTW, do they live at the brothel?

I hated the change in the Jaime and Cersei sex scene. Why turn Jaime into a rapist at this point? His character has changed into a person who is repulsed by rape. Him raping Cersei makes no sense at all.

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When Buffy "kills" Angel and then leaves town to Sarah McLachlan music.
When bad Faith falls off the building after fighting Buffy.
Druisilla and Angel making out in front of bad Spike.

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No Austin?

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It was the Top Chef finale.

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Top Chef finale

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My bad.

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I'm saving up for a new car. It's out of necessity. My car is almost 12 years old so it's time to start thinking about a new one. But I'm riding this one till it gives out.

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Loved the scene with Cersei and Tyrion. I like that Cersei shows some vulnerability around her brother. They are much better as a team and could have been an unstoppable force had she been wiling to work with him instead of plotting against him.

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I was really getting tired of feeling sorry for Sansa, then Joffrey threatens to rape her. Oh boy. Then her new husband gets shit faced drunk and passes out. At least he didn't force himself on her.

Dany and her entire storyline is boring the hell out of me. I've had enough of the Mother of Dragons. Can we please not have Dany scene in every episode?