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The Burningham 944 team blew their chance at an overall win by getting three black flags in rapid succession on Saturday afternoon. The team is a bunch of locals at their home track, great drivers and know Barber better than the other quick teams, but once they got Black Flag #1 they tried to get back into P1 by going 11/10ths and taking a lot of chances on iffy passes, with predictable results. The good news is that we made them do the Victory Auto Wrecking Door Mishap Commercial Penalty and they did very well at that.

Unusually for Porsche racers, the Burningham guys were pleasant and seem to be capable of figuring the tricks of LeMons-style endurance racing (e.g., be able to cope with drivers in fast cars who are better than you while also getting around confused drivers in slow-ass cars doing unpredictable stuff while dropping starter motors). I think they've got a real shot at a P1 finish by their third race.

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I went to UC Irvine in the late 80s, and some frat put on a blackface "slave auction" during that time. There were maybe a dozen black students in the whole place, so outside agitators from the other side of the Orange Curtain had to be sent in by the Comintern in order to express their outrage, which then went national. I recall the official statements from the frat were along the lines of "Huh? Why is everyone yelling at us?"

So, tradition being upheld at the Irvine Company's educational facility. Go Anteaters!