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[youtube Nn__9hLJKAk youtube]
"Dearthair's Dental Dungeon"

Or whatever requires twisting and turning, hmm, can opener, or! one those wind-up flashlights, though I suppose that would defeat the purpose of it being more environmentally friendly...

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I love this story. I learned of it watching the Air Crash Investigations episode; they really brought it to life. I think the best part is (aside from the no one died part) that he was practically DRIFTING(!!) A FREAKIN 767(!!)

*Controls rattling, cabin shaking
"I'm going to slip it."
*Stunned stare from co-pilot

Then I saw the animation of it sideslipping. I got about as excited as the first time I watched Initial D. Which is to say freakin awesome-excited. Yeah!
They should make a movie.

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We still eat together as a family around the table and not in front of the TV, but when I have snacks I consume them on the desk which my laptop is also on. We didn't have TV trays, but we used to have a set of small coffee tables to have ice cream on while everyone's watching TV and we'd sit on the floor stuffing our little faces full. Now, if there's a snack with a strong aroma/is messy it's easier to unplug the laptop and bring it into the kitchen.

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Second the heated seats, especially now. I try to wean myself off it, purposely leaving it off on some days, but my butt-skin must have gotten thinner; on colder days I shiver and shake and I just have to hit that button.

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Wireless internet connection. From, oh, five-seven years ago when we had a clunky D-link router and a clunky USB receiver of the same brand for the desktop...oh, that thing was a pain. I am convinced that the connection depended on the angle of the plastic antennae, metallic objects in the vicinity and wandering human flesh. It would drop the connection, plus sometimes the phone company would have problems during peak hours, or sometimes it would Just Not Work, which would end up with me calling the phone company to diagnose my network. Ugh. Not to mention the stack of "faulty" routers (some are refund receipts) in the cabinet right now who have failed to grant even wired computers access.

To now, where my laptop finds the nearest connection automatically and gee, wifi! I could walk into a public space and have the internet to my disposal. No issues with connectivity on either end. On a level much, much bigger then two home computers going through a router. Now that, is the future!

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Well, at least you manage to didn't crash it; an RC car will accidentally careen towards a wall, but an RC plane can end up in pieces on the ground.

And some of those beautiful multi-jet-engined behemoths are so well done, you'd think they'd be crazy to fly it. Then they do. Crazy. I'd just settle for building a large scale Boeing 777 and sit it somewhere as a conversation piece.

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I will need one of these things. I always mix up my rights and lefts just playing on the horizontal plane (rc cars.) and I've seen plenty of model airplane crashes on Youtube. As for those people who build huge models of jumbo passenger jets with actual jet engines and then landing them without these goggle things? Massive respect.

(brb gonna fire up flight sim)

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iPod > Soundal Device > Portable soundal device > Portable mechanical-wave oscillational device > Portable precision-calibrated mechanical-wave oscillational device. Oh, yeah!...

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Gah, I didn't get the multi-line mutisyllabic part of the challenge. Hey, does that mean your first accented syllable on the third line should rhyme with the one on the fourth?

Her husband had gone,
For Gus turned her on
(something, something that rhymes with the second line. I need to use the rest of class to think about it.)

I'm still proud of mine, though.

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I've just written a limerick about poo, if that will make you feel any better.

But seriously, sorry for your loss. Your uncle might not be here anymore, but your memories of him are for yours to keep.