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That's what this is for:

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Speaking of TV channels, do you remember when SpeedVision (existed) used to show something other than NASCAR and when the History channel showed history, not aliens and duck hunting beard competitors?

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I have frequently lamented the fact that my 1.4Ghz laptop with 1GB of RAM can't browse the web anymore. I'm all for progress and new fancy shiny video games and better graphics, but why does your Web2.0-enabled PHP-laden, CSS-ridden, horribly coded and leaky JavaScript hell hole of a website need a dual core processor and 14 TB of memory to view?
Learn efficiency, people!

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-80C is -112F
That's f-ing cold.

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Literally 'coolest':

-80 Degree Freezer.

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IIRC from his book, Mallory wore mostly wool, silk, and other natural fiber clothing.
I love the style of those old climbers. The pictures from the book make them look like they're just out for a stroll in the country in their khakis and wool hats.

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"allowed a single man to make or break high-torque connections"

I'm looking at you, every quick tire/lube place ever.

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Slight correction... I "work" in academia.

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I work in academia.
You get laughed at if you're wearing something nicer than jeans and a t shirt. Actually, now that I think of it, if you are wearing a nice t shirt and nice jeans you get laughed at. If it doesn't have bleach stains/holes, burn marks, and unidentifiable food/chemical/biohazardous material stains on it, it is too nice for lab.

In fact, when people come to the lab to interview for postdoctoral research positions they often show up in a suit. And they get made fun of for it. To their face.

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They have one of these at Leonard's Mills outside of Orono, Maine.
My wife's grandparents are quite active with the group and I got to spend some time checking it out a couple of years ago.
They have a guy there who is basically rebuilding the thing from the ground up.

They also have some old lumber mills and other similar logging tech.
Pretty cool old stuff. I would highly recommend a visit if you're ever in the area.

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