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:( My heart breaks.

All my best wishes and sympathy to you.

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Rodents and bats wouldn't want to associate with these slime, either.

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Oh, I captured the essence of your "perfect man" in a drawing once ...

It was drawing of a monkey/pig cross.

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Yeah, take a look at the dates, he started getting a bunch of votes just today. ROFL!

I too voted him down low and left a comment which hasn't appeared yet.

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Yeah, I loved Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse, et al!

They brought me joy. They did not bring me burkas and whininess.

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Of course!

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Ooo, John Steed ..........

Damnit, I've been alone too long, don't do this to me!

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Fear not, I dinged you up, coz I agree with you.

Doesn't the Gospel of Thomas also feature Jesus talking about the mystery of marriage, and have him kissing the Magdalene right on the mouth? I can see where that would be censored, especially if one wanted to, for whatever twisted reason, deny that Jesus might have had .. a regular humanly life, which may have included falling in love with, and getting married to, someone.

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Abu -

Aye, it kind of amazes me how a discussion over forcing non-Muslim female cops to wear an Islamic headscarf if they have to enter a mosque got turned into a hair-splitting debate over Christians and attitudes towards nudity ...

Frankly, I think both are off the wall. First, with the present thread ... The gang-up on Ipso kind of just looks ridiculous, with some feeling he can't be a Christian and a nudist at the same time. I say, "why not"? If one wants to believe that a god created everything, and decided it was good, that would include the human body, no matter how imperfect. Granted, the whole anti-nudity thing comes from Adam and Eve hiding from YHWH coz they suddenly realize they're "naked". But keeping in mind that this is merely a "just so" story, it would have been written by folks for whom clothes-wearing had long been customary - this tidbit may have been what made it _mandatory_ in the Hebrew tribe (where it may not have been amongst their pagan neighbours).

As for the "hippy-dippy" types with their watered-down paganism, so what? I notice "paganism" gets ridiculed a lot around here, Islam is likened to it. However, my concern with Allah isn't that he is the moon, or some lump of rock in the desert, but that he's a mysogynistic, blood-lusting hating bastard.

I don't CARE if someone wants to worship a rock, a bird, a tree, the sun, the wind, whatever - to me, it's no more stupid than worshipping something no one can see - as long as that entity isn't telling the worshipper to go out and slaughter anyone who doesn't listen to him.

In fact, I think this whole nudity debate is only falling into the hands of Muslims, because they can point to it and say Christians should understand Muslim ideas of "modesty", and in fact, ought to follow it more closely in order to be good Christians. The thing is, the Muslim idea is rooted in the idea that Allah hates humankind, finds it despicable in his sight. Is this true for YHWH, too?

I'm no nudist, and I dress in a manner I myself am comfortable with .. which tends to be jeans, and various styles of collared shirt. But I don't begrudge the young chickies their halter tops and stuff, they can get away with doing it (ie, without scaring dogs and small children, as I would).

Anyway, such a debate would be best kept to a Christian in-fighting forum, as I'm sure you'd agree.

As for me, I'm gonna get out of these clothes and have myself a drink ;)

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Not to mention kissing the icons when entering an Orthodox church.