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2 billion muslins 15 million Jews get a clue. The jihad started a long time ago and your people are pushing forward. i don't see little muslin kids being chased down the street by mobs of Jews. How much dignity is there in being a dhimmi? if there is dignity in it i want muslins to sign up for dhimmitute...

oh and by the way a government doing a study to see who is involved in Antisemitism is far different from a government giving special loans based on religion.

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Screw them, I have a muslin prayer room at my place of work and it makes me sick! Always wanting something special something extra something more. Always pushing, pushing the limits and crying the whole way about not being treated equal when in fact they are being treated more than equal they are getting special accommodations.

But the issue bigger than this is when are WE going to stand up? When are we going to stop pissing and moaning here on jihadwatch and do something anything that gets our voices heard? Here we are singing to the choir we need to sing to government to start to make the views we hold bubble up to the top and stop being mealy mouthed. WE need to take action.

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How stupid! Give an inch they take your head! Livni is in way over her head and weak. They need to make a very clear point that we are not giving up one more inch for a false peace. The muslins never make peace they just rest. Hamas can not keep peace with Israel it is against their core beliefs. I am sad that such leadership even has the chance to emerge in Israel. It portents a desperate future unless she is kicked and out a strong leader comes to power.

My question is to all of you on jihad watch, not counting the muslins who sound off their dribble. What are we going to do? Talk is cheap can we start to get organized and make ourselves felt?

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Mass murder? It is called war and guess who started it again? Your buddies. Keep it real you and your kind have no idea of real. Real is just the lies you push out into the world. Jewish conspiracy, yeeea sure... the Jews were so strong that 6 million of them got killed powerful. And your kind can not stand it the Jews have taken their homeland back from the true crusaders the muslins. Why all the lands called muslin land were taken in war from others. Muslins are so full of shit it boggles the mind that anyone would believe in that clap trap. Jews are civilized something the muslins should look into. A few broken windows. I look forward to the time the mosques catch fire, looking forward to your feelings on that. you are the ture scum of the earth.

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i am a Jew and i hear you, this crap that pretends to be a human being on the campus and elsewhere today has got to go. the funny thing is that it seems to me now that if these Jewish students would fight back the law would come after them. I don't know this for sure but i wouldn't bet against it.
The jihad has never stopped just slowed down and now that we have let these slime bags into our counties were are making a great fifth column. but really they are not a fifth column because they operate to a large part in the open daring us to do something and as long as they don't out and out kill someone they seem to get away with whatever they like. there still are not that many of them and i hope that we all wake up and do something to save ourselves before it is too late, look to the UK for a possible future bummer....
and if you had dispatched them all, you would be in the cell right now. don't get me wrong i would love to do so as well but it has to come from a groundswell just like the muslins. When we come together and stop being PC and start protesting and getting really loud we will be heard. but when will that happen?

When are WE going to get loud? When are we going to organize? i love jihadwatch but we need to take action action that will result in waking up the sleeping and foolish. when will make them scared to open their mouths?

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in fact lots of that good old stuff is home brewed. They designed one of the best tanks in the world.but you are right it would be a problem.

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Dear Mohammad and yemamwoman or what ever the hell your name is

Why don’t you go and post on pro jihad site? Fact is islam has no room in it for the non believers, (funny believers in what?) They are given three options; convert, die or be a dhimmi, nice.
Guys and I don’t mean yemenawoman and his ilk. This is fight to finish and the west will win once we wake up. The muslins have never beaten the west. Charles the hammer kicked their asses. The west is just going through an odd multicultural phase. Muslins are for the record: 1) crummy fighters 2) poor scholars and in general goofs.
They can’t/don’t stay in their own shitty countries because they suck, so they are poring into ours trying to ride on coat tails. What have the arabs done with all that oil money? Nothing much it seems no economy no technology no nothing. Those hated Jews have built a fantastic economy all the while fending off their arabs brothers. I hope those UK cops bring out their guns and put the crosshairs right on these scum. Coming into the UK and acting like such ingrates typical muslin behavior