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Your are so wrong! I wish you were as prolific citing jewish sources as you are on muslim's...
"Israel's own making"? Why, this is a lie and you know it. All the wars Israel has fought since 1948 were DEFENSIVE wars, initiated by our rabid arab neighbors, AND YOU KNOW IT!
Judea and Samaria are DISPUTED LAND, that were OCCUPIED BY JORDAN after the end of the British mandate. And yet, as a defeated aggressor, Jordan never filed a complaint about Israel's "occupation"...
By your postings, you may not be an arab lover - but you most certainly are a Jew hater! As such, I have a couple eggs for you to suck!

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Not "grow": show!

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Its Me & Dumbledore: Great link, great comment!
I can see when some anti-semite troll takes away points from my pals. My sweet revenge is to reinstate them - one from me, more from other pals that read this.
Great comments on DryBones about Israel's right to build in Judea/ Samaria (west bank my foot! 'palestine" was misnoming enough...)
Way to go, boys!

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Dhimmitude: you know where it starts, but no clue where it ends.
One can only wonder what kind of reasonsing leads a High Court Judge to order the system to "find the money" to accomodate such a preposterous demand. He knows where the money is: in the tax-payer pocket!
A prisoner, a convicted felon, has no right and is in no position to impose how he wants to do his time.
Would this judge give in if, for instance, catholic prisoners from Ireland refused to cohexist with protestant criminals?
Finally, Is the british public opinion so busy with its priorities that they will turn another blind eye to another cat's paw hit at their sovereignty? Grow a spine!

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G-d forbid, but imagine yourself in the role of these taliban ("students"... hah!). If you wanted to inflict pain and carnage and death through explosives, but were too coward to risk your own beloved ass, would you not find a means of delivery that would not cost a human life "for starters"? This is just a rethorical question, as we do not want to take the dog out of its slumber - if it were possible with such 7th century minds (and evil).
Such a disregard for human life is beyond any relativism, any lullaby the politically correct people may utter to comfort their "conscience" - notwithstanding, what will it take for the West wake up for the sort of evil confronts us today?

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And even today, kittybootz, I - a Jew - can go to the Wailing Wall, but i am not allowed by the Waqf guards to ostensibly pray, or bow, or even get a handful of dirt from the ground! In my own country! The Israeli police will drag me out, in order to avoid 'confrontation' with the arabs!
Bibi is absolutely right to refuse dividing Jerusalem. Israel is a democracy, the utmost example of Jewish tolerance towards minorities - including arabs.
For what I am concerned, the palestinian arabs can wait 1,000 years to get their state - demilitarized, of course...

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Yankel, i agree that such a discussion would derail this thread.
Much can be said about the secular approach of the early zionists vis-a-vis the calamities suffered by the western europe Jews in the 1930's, but I wish to make just one correction. You said:
"In orthodoxy, the Messianic return will return Jews to their ancestral homeland."
Return? Maschiach's first coming is yet to happen, and (still according to Orthodoxy), no human hand will be able to kill him. A warrior for all mankind, not a sacrificial lamb.
I suppose you are not a Torah Jew, are you? Perhaps the slip of tongue betrays a Xtian? I have no problem with that, but the prisoners camp star of David would then be somewhat misleading, don't'cha think?

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and better yet: without firing all the rounds...

cjk, I had to read your post twice before figuring the sarcasm... Thank you, man, one can always use a wide grin!

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"I don't understand why so many in here make a difference between "God" "Allah."
Because no sane person in the civilized world would accept the idea that:
* G-d would favour one people in stead of all the others;
* That He would command to "smythe on the neck" of those who not bow to the rants of his 'prophet',
* That a true prophet could be:
- A thief of the Hebrew scriptures and teachings (but not of G-d's commandments, like "you shall not do to others what is abhorrent to yourself");
- A morally whicked 'man' that rejoiced in killing, pillaging innocents;
- A pedophile that married poor pre-pubescent Aisha;
* And mostly because the Real, Only G-d appeared and spoke not only to Moshe on Mount Sinai, but also to 3,000 male witnesses (a much larger number when one considers their wives, sisters and daughters/ sons).

Now you understand. No one here is a dhimmi, or stupid, so do not bother to come back to speak Hara. Go away, repent and leave your Zoroastrian (another theft!) cult of the Moon Demon.

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Oh, and "asymetric warfare" is not only for the bad guys...