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Saudi Arabia should have been the Coalition's target in the first place. At the very least a please explain should have been issued to the scum. I cannot understand how in the case of Britain, the leadership cannot see that it has failed the very task it is there for - to defend its constituents. Instead of facing up to this task they gutlessly hide behind PC and cultural relativism inviting the enemy to sleep with them and telling the indigenous population to go get @#$%^d. They then feel at ease in their delusion that they also have to protect Islamic supremacists. Saudi Arabia is spending a lot of money to change history, to buy marketing for the criminal actions of any and all Islamic Supremacist groups, to buy politicians and universities.

Will our defense happen in time? Will Western justice prevail? I get the feeling that relying on Obama is not realistic.

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With good reason they fear you. Your critics hang their hat on the idiotic notion of Islamophobia. As with Markolee, the perfect example of the apologetic blogger - a lot of name calling with no substance. I have recently been subject to having your site banned at work. I will not post details, I have emailed you, but it is interesting that a contract IT guy bears the name Abdul (or something similar). IT at work claims that they use a contract company to filter our web browsing and are not responsible. I say BS. .

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Unfortunately, aggressive words from the pope are likely to get people killed. You do not put Mohammedans at peace with words. You do it with a gun. If you do not have a gun words need to be chosen carefully to maintain a dignified meaning.

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I love a positive mind - and its a good dream.

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The funny thing is you could arrrest 80% of Pakistani males in Britain and detain 90% of the terrorists or would be terrorists. Of course Imam Smith will deduce it was Geert Wilders and come out with "I told you so, we should have Sharia Law"! "We're just not nice enough in Britain".

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This is easy. Arm the ships and shoot to kill, always.

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It’s alright, President Obama believes in dialogue. The world need only see his subservience to the Saudis and all the little Islamic supremacists are going to shrill we're sorry for being nasty little towel headed miscreants we won't do it again. The whole world is going to become nice didn't you hear your Messiah.

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Do these idiots actually hear what they say. "I would feel safer knowing that Arab countries could declare war on Israel". You know I'd feel safer, even in Australia, if someone would nuke Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.

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Let me help Obama. Who should not be released? All of them.

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Every time I have listened to this man speak it has resounded like the flush of a cistern where the shit has refused to go down. You know they will just let him go. Why? No one will have the balls to speak against him especially the police. This is just wrong. Just wrong.