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I do not hold this opinion personally.”

These islamic gurus are always so slippery. That's the worse in islam: they always seem to speak with at least two mouths at once. One says something monstruous, while the other just didn't mean it. Then why did he say it, if it is neither his "personal opinion", nor "the true islam"?

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There are a thousand things Infidels can do about it, but they have to first recognize what has happened, and not merely regret the heedlessness

I think that they recognize it and they do a lot about it.
We are at a new stage, I think. The ruling Systems - the politicians of the established parties and media - try to prevent us by any means to get stronger. It is impressive, that the political groups and parties on which non-Muslims put their hopes grow so quickly, that they don't have enough local structures to cover the needs. At least that is the case with Wilders VVD. They might be the strongest party by the next elections, but they don't have enough local cells for the coming communal elections.
EU-Referendum shows a graphic about the parties in Manchester. The performance of BNP is amazing:
In Germany we will see this autumn something similar. The most critical non-Muslims hope for the Pro Groups. And there are not enough local structures of the Pros throughout Germany. And Italy, Austria both elected last year mainly against the islamisation and alienation of their countries. Actually it was the same with France 2007 - only that Sarkozy was a cheater.

I am sure that we watch a very quick radicalization of Europe. Unbelievably quick!
Now it breaks out all that, what the MSM and the established political parties tried to keep down by force.
I think that only in Denmark it is a bit different, because there they have such politicians like Rasmusen; and also in Spain. There they seem to rely a plenty on the catholic church (I haven't heard of any new political movement there yet).

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As bitter as it sounds it is our only hope. Because after a terror strike many people open their eyes and even the MSM cannot lie about the peaceful Islam and the peaceful prophet (may a piece of shit be upon him).

It is a very sad thing, but it is so. After a strike everybody knows the true Islam.

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Jeesus! He is such a Swede like Mohammed himself. This coward dhimmi language makes me sick. They take us our national identities this way. Anybody can be a Swede, Austrian or Hungarian like this, even if they cant even speak the language. What kind of identity remains to us, which we don't have to give up for them? I have nothing common with a muslim and will never have.

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I think that he is both. He is a Muslim, but he might be a crazy Muslim, I think. Somehow all the other terrorists wear that funny night-gown, turban and beard. They all look somehow a bit similar. But I have seen a pic of this "meshugge" Meshud, where he really looks like a freak.
Jihad Watch posted that pic a couple of days ago too.
I mean this pic:

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He was not deffering to royalty but to the blood of the P. Mohammed. The house of Saud pretend to descend from Mohammed himself in a direct line, I think.

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Well, next they will want to forbid us people too, to walk in the nearby of their mosques. I remember, that there was a mosque where the muslims aked all the nonbelievers to walk only on the other side of the street and not on the side of the mosque. The posted these young aggressive males on both sides of the mosque and these forced all the passers by to cross on the other side.

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I have wondered many times, why there is this islamic penalty to reject the wife if she is not obedient. If you imagine a man like Mohammed, and he can punish a 10 years old wife by not raping her continually. Now this is a case like that.

The Koran says something like "not to let them into your beds"

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I yet the former President of the United States has been condemmed in every quarter for establishing Guantanamo

Not in every quarter, please :)

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I also predicted a one year or less Presidency
You mean that somebody will help him to his due portion of 72 heavenly burka-ladies?