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Our friend the grand mufti of Jerusalem who helped Hitler to kill the Jews all over Europe. Nice company, that sort of greeting is common among the fascists all over the world.

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Muzzies are only a bunch of stupid wankers.

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Fuck Islam!

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Bertie_bert, you're so right, we've all got to stick together, unity is strength! All of us are targeted, the whole free world, not only the Western part of it.

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They're driven by a sense of humiliation__---------------------------------------------------------__Interesting observation. Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of 9/11 got in Hamburg all the attention he wanted, he obtained a prayer room in university premises and he got very good marks for his diploma thesis.____Mohammed Siddi Khan, the ringleader of the 7/7 suicide bombings in London was eligible for promotion by the EU for his youth projects. These blokes and there are more of them, got all the attention and the respect they needed for their ego, their self-esteem. But they preferred to blow themselves up and kill lots of innnocent people on behalf of a chimera called Allah or the self-proclaimed prophet, you never know. Their rationale is totally unclear to people who are capable ot reasonable thinking.____Today European taxpayers have to pay for the building of a gigantic mosque in London. where the Olympic games will take place.____Who fools whom and most importantly, who humiliates whom? Why do all these Mohammedan morons insist that they're humiliated and offended? They're infatuated with the feeling of being offended."Tant pis"__

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Don't offend babboons, please.They're pretty animals with nice red asses. That doesn't apply to Ahmadshithead. I haven't got a clue what his ass looks like, and I don't wanna know, but judging from his face... You can see from his facial expression that he's inspired by heaven, paradise and the 72 virgins waiting therein only for him. All those who obey the moon god and his self-appointed prophet, will obey him.

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I hope so. Another very revealing detail about Muslim racism towards black Africans are the stories of "Arabian nights" or "1001 nights".

An always recurring topic is the infidelity of vicious wives who are married to, no doubt about that, very virtuous husbands. These desperate housewives don't betray their husbands with anybody, they only choose filthy, ugly black Africans who suffer from abominable diseases. My good old friend Siggy Freud, I really miss him these days, he could do a lot of analysis, could answer the question why very easily, pure envy.

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Dear Robert,

if their skills to operate weapons are as bad as their English, you've got nothing to fear. But you never know, it's better to be on the safe side. They're morons, but morons can be very dangerous.

Take care

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The only moderate thing about Tariq Ramadan is his Western clothing, big deal. He wants to establish a caliphate in Europe, he wants to subdue us Europeans under the knout of barbaric sharia. He only practises taqiyya and sham. He' s a conman like his self-appointed prophet.

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Not in the States, I live in a small town in Bavaria, pretty close to Munich. We, a group of politically active people organised an information session in a local pub about human rights in Algeria and Sudan. My Christian friend Mödi reported about the human rights abuses in his country, Southern Sudan. Some Turk had brought an Arab from Munich to this session in order to clarify that the religion of peace (TM) does not condone human rights violations.

Funnily enough, when we were talking about Algeria, that Arab Muslim claimed to be Algerian, when we were talking about Southern Sudan, he claimed to be Sudanese. But we were all infidels, so taqiyya is sanctioned. When the session was over and the people were on their way home, Mödi was my guest that night, he and that Muslim got into a heated debate. The Muslim insulted him, called him liar, everything was SPLA propaganda, of course. I nearly freaked out, but Mödi remained very calm, I admired him, he somehow remained aloof, he hid his feelings from that racist Muslim. But when we were on our own, at my place, things became different. We had to talk until 4 o'clock in the mornig to get rid of these nasty feelings that Muslim had caused.