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Very sorry to hear this sad news. Prayers sent. I hope she gets well soon.

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The Holy Bible is not to be altered in any way. A standard KJV is the best study guide. It would help to be able to understand Hebrew and Greek or to have a Concordance along with your studying. The Bible is God's letter to you (for those of us who want to believe) to help us understand Him. Chapter by chapter; verse by verse. Read it yourself and don't always believe what other people's interpretations are. Any alteration of the Holy Bible is null/void. Of course they want they want /or don' t care if the Bible is altered. ANY way for people to stop receiving the truth. How they are laughing at us for being so stupid.

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Jesus WAS NOT a muslim. Jesus was JEWISH. Jesus is the savior of all man kind-no one else. You (muslims) are not worthy to use His name in your propaganda of death and deception. This is an insult to all Christians, who you have NO respect for yet you DEMAND respect for yourselves and your 'religion'. Respect works both ways and taking Christ and using him like that is blasphemy and should not be tolerated by any Christian.
These people have been told lies for so many centuries, how will they ever be able to believe the truth.

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''The correspondence contained an inflammatory anti-Muslim message.''
Yes, that is because they are operating terrorist training camps to do harm to us all.

This is a fine example of how they are out to legally silence America from 'waking up' to their seditious intent. BO operates this way. Do it fast and quick before anyone has time to think of what is happening.
I have this documentary and I urge you all to go out and buy a copy. It is very informative and very truthful. Don't give up CAN, yes U CAN.

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''A photo of Miss Lemes on Facebook, however, shows her wearing a low cut T-shirt revealing her cleavage''...
How revealing. She doesn't look like a typical muslim woman or act like one. How would anyone know she was muslim when she was hired? Is she really a muslim or just a scammer?

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BO doesn't want to 'torture'. What a laugh they must be getting from BO and his ridiculous remark/belief "we don't torture in the US"...What a slap in the face for us all here in the US.
This is the only language islamofacists understand. The language of murder, sedition, lies and oppression. All human beings of all faiths must condemn acts of torture and murder and do it now and act.
No more over throwing the west people. So what if the little babies don't get their way, let them cry.
Enough of this senseless killing and breaking up families. How horrible this must be for the families they ruin for what? For nothing that is what.

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"We ask if the Vatican pope will visit Gaza to explore how humanity is being violated," Jamil Abu Bakr said.

If anyone is violating human rights, it is islam and they way the treat their own brethren.

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''Reviewing the Uighurs detention, the inter-agency panel found that they weren’t the ignorant, innocent goatherds the White House believed them to be''

Um, no one ever said they were 'ignorant goat herders', in fact, they are too dangerously smart to trust in society...I think BO is taking this personal since he himself has muslim roots, not just with this issue, but with any issue pertaining to muslims. He cares nothing for the safety of the American people, only about himself and his own roots, and how he is protecting his own heritage by patting all of these criminals on the back and kissing it and making it all better.

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''When he crossed over to Christianity, he had to flee. He now has asylum in the US''
A big prayer goes out for him from myself.. We need more people like him in the US. I am very proud to welcome him and call him my fellow American.

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This is "MAKE UP JIHAD"....To make us believe they are bending to our Western Culture. At home, I bet she looks like hell and wears black, with a few teeth knocked out (she gets to wear a partial plate for these 'cosmetic jihad'' photo shoots). The bruises she has are well covered.