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Quick! Get a K9 unit over to the Netherlands, to give all dogs some serious Schutzhund training.

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How awful! I have a beautiful German Shepherd dog, and your story brought tears to my eyes.
I feel sorrier for the dogs than for the used and abused muslimas - the dogs really have no voice and no choice.

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Four women were honour-murdered in Canada in June, 2009. Three beautiful daughters and the "first wife" were killed by the father, his polygamous "second wife" and son/brother. Their trial has been in the headlines for weeks and the closing arguments will be presented on Tuesday, January 24. Google "Shafia trial" for more information. It's fascinating.

The murderers have lied to police, lied on the stand, and have an air of arrogant supremacism about them which suggests they believe they are smarter than the police and the Canadian justice system. The second wife even lectured the court for suspecting and actually arresting members of such a "respectful family", and accused police of inventing evidence. Much of the evidence is circumstantial, but I believe the Crown has proved its case. I hope the jury agrees.

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Without islam, this world would be PEACEFUL.

Know islam, no peace.
No islam, know peace.

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I worked with a young muslim man who prayed two or three times a day at work. When he would perform wudu, he splashed water all over the men's room, and the noises he made while snorting water up his nose were absolutelky disgusting!

Between the wudu and the prayers, he was non-productive for at least one whole hour out of the day, on top of his lunch break. He prayed in an office he shared with another worker, who felt compelled to leave the office while the muslim was performing his head-banging, ass-lifting rituals, resulting in more lost productivity.

The lesson? Don't hire muslims!

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Or a goat.

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Bad: Rogers, Home Depot, Future Shop

Good: Home Hardware, Amazon

Looking forward to the show!

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And the sad thing is, 20% of "British teenagers believe Sir Winston Churchill was a fictional character, while many think Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur and Eleanor Rigby were real, a survey shows."

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The failed, so-called "state" of Palestine is a disgrace and a crime against humanity.
Can you say, using women and children as human shields?

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It's not islamophobia when the REALLY DO want to kill you!

Why am I not surprised you're a teacher? Likely a U of T, Ontario Teacher's Federation, leftist tree hugger, too.