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The people may not want Turkey to join but it's nothing to do with them. The leaders of European countries signed the Lisbon Treaty so it's up to the European parliament and their elites to decide what goes on.
We're both in agreement here. You say that the USA and the UK administrations want Turkey in. I'm not disputing that, I merely said that the EU wants them in and when I say the EU, I mean those in charge and most certainly not the people.

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There are many links on Google regarding EU membership but here's one from the BBC


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The main three are terrified. They've been lying to the British people for so long that now they realise many are about to face Political Oblivion. The lies against the BNP have gone on too long and smoke's blowing away.
Any political party who can denounce the BNP after the despicable treatment of the British people by NuLabour and Tories before them hasn't a leg to stand on.
They hate the BNP, because it will sort the country out and stick two fingers up at the EU and Islam.
All the 2nd/3rd Generations who have shunned integration, but benefited from British tax payers money, are worried, because their time of segregation is coming to a close.
All the Quangos, immigrant and minority associations set up receiving tax payers money is coming to a close. Considering that the Media are being controlled by the very people who despise Britishness, while they shove their snouts deeper in the trough, they too are going to do their best to smear the BNP, not realising their helping recruitment, knowing their time is coming to an end.
There is widespread panic over the victory in Seven Oaks because this will be mirrored in many parts of the UK. The elites time of destroying Britain is coming to a close and rightfully so. How dare they continue to think they can pull the wool over our eyes for ever. The contempt. Really!

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When you start presenting your peers with the truth. When you deliver that in a calm and collected manner. When you are able to answer their questions and make them realise that there are no prejudices in what you say, will be when they will listen. You will learn from reading here however to understand your enemy you have to know your enemy(Sun Tsu). Read the Qur'an, the hadith and the sira and realise what it is and about. In fact do a search for Jihad Watches "Blogging the Qur'an". Robert Spencer has studied Islam in and out and can call up verses from all the books at the top of his head. He is an intellect of the highest calibre on Islam. There are, thankfully others like him, many X-Muslims and peaceful Muslims(although I really think their Christians/Buddhists in denial).
It'll be tough at college as unlike when I was younger, Britishness was part and parcel of school education. I have 20 years on you but much has changed.
You should search out some old black and white British classics in the local DVD shop or even Internet and invite people around so they can see the history that they are a part of.
As I have said many times on here, I have never, ever voted for the BNP but I feel I have no choice but to, next election.
Many people are waking up and realising that the Main 3 parties are all and one of the same and care nothing for the British people. I would vote Conservative were it not for the fact that they are not conservative and instead a social democratic party.

Good luck with educating your peers. Point them to as many places as possible regarding Islam and if you want to read a good book on the EU and the deceit of it regards the UK then buy "The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive? " by Christopher Booker and Richard North. This will tell you everything you need to know about the EU, its creation and the lies and deceit of its leaders to the UK and worse of all our very own elected politicians to their people. It is a very heavy read and full of history. It may take a little while for you to get through it all.

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It's easier being a Scotsman, a Welshman or an Irishman being a Nationalist that it is being an English one. This makes me sad. Although I am Scottish, I class myself as British before it. I do so for the reason that my mother is English and I would not be the man I am today were it not for her. I have blood of the Welsh, the Irish and the Viking inside of me. My culture is a mix of many and when I feel down about anything I just think of the stock that has created me.
To be English is to be proud. Sure there were many wars between the Scots and the English, the English and the Welsh, in fact the English and many, but they did what needed to be done to create a safe environment for their children to grow up in.
Many people want to hate the English because they were great. That's no lie. The British Empire was the biggest and greatest of any and very few countries can boast the same. As vast as America is and as powerful as it is now, the British Empire in its heyday was far more superior to the America that we know now. While meaning no disrespect to our American cousins and many on here no that, the British Empire achieved a lot and stamped its name firmly on World history. Many countries in this world have much to thank Britain for. America has a lot to thank Britain for and although they fought against us for their own independence, they realised that had there been no Britain or indeed an Empire there would be no America as we know it.
It was because of the old libertarianism that Britain was renowned for(ask Wellington about that) that we gave our colonies independence and decided to pull the curtains on our Empire. It was because of our deciding to protect our age old enemies in Europe against the Nazis that saw the sailing ship Britannia leave the port never to return. The English people have a lot to be proud of and my words should be testament enough in being a Scotsman.
All you have to do is look at any field, whether it be in Science, Art, Literature, Medicine, Exploration, Music, even warfare.....and you will see that the greats, many hail not just from England but all over the British Isles.
There is nothing wrong with Nationalism. It creates pride. It creates competition and it creates brilliance at every level.
Always be proud of who you are, for if not you are insulting yourself and those who enabled you to live free today.

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And the EU want to let Turkey into the Europe?
Well, what a field day they'd have in Europe. Just think all the churches, the bookstores, the nunneries and monasteries that they can attack? Just imagine all the Monks and Nuns, clergy men they'd be able to attack?
Turkey, the home of Constantinople and Ottoman Empire and they think that they've changed in 80 years from not wanting a Caliphate? Madness. Turkey is bursting and Islamism is trying to get out.

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United we stand divided we fall. This is the hegemony of Islam in the UK. We may disagree, it's debate, something Islam doesn't do(debate that is). It's there way or no way at all.
All is good and no initial offence was taken.

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You're very welcome. I however have a "get out of jail free card" when I discuss Islam with people or the continuing minority control of society. I just get out my picture of my partner and son and say; "really a racist? Funny that, have a look here at my son and partner. I think they'd know if I'm a racist or not, don't you?"

Many people have forgotten the meaning of racist. Unfortunately the true meaning is disappearing for the simple reason that more and more people want the protection that "racism" gives. They are unable to realise that a racist is someone who is prejudice to another because of their race. However it has grown arms and legs to now mean people of another culture, religion and nationality.
I replied to your other post, so have a read as it explains what I think. The greatest weapon you can have is knowledge, so that next time you have a debate and they whine on about you, just simply say to them "I'm a Nationalist. I'm proud of it for the reason that my pride comes from all the people who died so that I could be free. They were British, they were my ancestors. I am also proud because of all the great Britons who have done so many great things in all fields, that have benefited the world's population many times over.
You can also tell them simply that their ignorance shows yet more if they equate Nationalism with racism.
People are afraid of speaking their mind because they are afraid. I'm not for the simple reason that I speak the truth and they can take me to court. Even better bring it on, as it's all publicity. We have been pushed into the corner by the minority for being British. We can see the effects of this just by looking at how our country is crumbling.
Change is on its way, don't worry about it. Just educate yourself and take up a marital art or many. There will be a war and be prepared to fight. It's going to get worse before it gets better. We have our children to think of and future generations too and the time will come when, like our ancestors we too will have to make the greatest sacrifice of all. We have something many countries in this world are jealous of and that's a brilliant history. Let's keep it so, but even better a wondrous future for all British people to come.

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"What I have seen so far from the BNP suggests to me that BNP members would be happy to exclude all other ethnicities in the UK from obtaining UK citizenship, regardless of the fact that some minorities DO actually adhere to the "values and the laws of the land." One way or another, it seems to me that being "white" is the sole criterium to decide if minority members are worthy of citizenship. This is something I totally and vehemently reject. Say, for instance, if the majority of Americans today would think like that, then most people would proscribe Black African Americans from calling themselves "Americans"."

The BNP would not exclude Non Whites from the UK - read the manifesto.
The amount of people within the minority that actually do adhere to Britishness is relatively small. I know many Blacks, who do not class themselves as British but African/West Indian(post colonialism) even though they've never set foot out of the country.
My partner is Black but she is 100% British. Her parents may be West Indian and her relatives but they class themselves as British as their Island was a British Colony. As her elderly cousing said to me when we last talked; "Coming to the UK from Jamaica was like going to another city in the West Indies, albeit colder. We had the same culture, same loyalty to Queen and Country and the same love of the same God.
The BNP want minorities in the UK to be brought up as British subjects and to have loyalty to the UK before any other. They would in fact allow them to practice their own cultures, of course after a British one that is.
Unfortunately flippinheck, there is an ignorance in society. What does it mean to be British? well, you think about it. How can one be British that does not have loyalty to Britain and see its history as their own? This is the point. People nowaday want to classify being British as merely someone who is born in the UK. Wrong. We have already seen that Muslims born in the UK, many are not British(if not all) because of their views and no better than the example of 7/7/05.

I do not mean to be rude but you as a Flemish Belgian really don't know much about Britain and Britishness.

In a nutshell the BNP would simply turn the clock back to the teaching of British people in the 50's and before. There would be loyalty to your country before any other, regardless of your birth. If immigrants come to the UK then their loyalty would be to the UK. They would not discriminate on ethnicity. This is the lie that the media and left wing continue to promote. They are a party for the British Anglo, Saxon, Celtic and Norse culture. This happens to make up over 90% of the UK population. This party is merely telling people that this is our culture. Get with it or leave. I find that perfectly acceptable. After all, no one complains about the ANC do they and they no different? In fact the ANC are racist. The BNP are not. The ANC also has a terrorist history. The BNP does not.

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That's such a beautiful song by NKC. It's a gem.