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Sick! That's how I feel reading that article. We have all been duped by a Government that still has the balls to show it's face and govern this country knowing it has been purposely bringing this country to it's knees for years. Time to bring our forces home and restore order in our own country let alone some far flung stinking desert land with houses made from Camel Sh*t and mud.

I feel I will be forced into exile not for my own safety, but that of my young three year old son who will be brainwashed into accepting that white indigenous members of this country are third class citizens. This Government has to be forced out and those responsible for this complete and utter mess be rooted out and tried for treason.

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Just go into any major city in the UK and look at all the Hijabs and Dress wearing males walking about the markets etc. Who in their right mind would employ someone as if they are still walking about a desert. Where I was born in East London now sickens me, it's like a scene out of Baghdad or Kabul.

Trouble is, it's all too late. We are not going to rid of them unless there is a civil war or uprising, before that happens, most people are going to have to peal themselves away from the TV with pap programmes such as I'm A Celeb Get Me Outta Here, X Factor, Celeb This and Celeb that. People are being brainwashed into pap, meanwhile, the big invasion happens without most even noticing.

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Just as this North African / French scientist has infiltrated CERN, we can see similarities here in the UK but on a much larger scale. Next time you fly, take a look at who is doing the security checking, passport control, immigration and a whole host of other key positions.

They are in a position to bring this country to it's knees from within when the time comes. From our security forces, right through to our border control, the muslims will eventually be in a position to over throw us without any effort at all, we have handed the UK to themon a plate.

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I have already boycott two Total garages near to me and would rather travel the extra 2 miles to the Tesco & Morrisons garages.

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Shouldn't he be in prison for texting whilst driving and killing someone? Phillipa Curtis just got jailed for 21 months for the same thing, how come this disgusting Muslim get's away with it? Is it something to do with crossing off another victim in the name of Jihad? Another infadel Kuffar dies in the name of Islam?

This country sickens me It's a pity a huge Cillit Bang Bomb can't be dropped on this country - Bang and the dirt has gone!

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It's ironic that these foreign 'skilled' workers aren't even trained in the basic HSE training valid to work on sites in this country. All the HSE directives handed down via our EU masters have always been enforced by the HSE Police. Go to Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, France & most other EU Countries and look at their H&S standards, it doesn't exist. We are the only fools enforcing ALL EU rules at our expense.

Brown & Mandy are just hypocrites and treat us all like fools. Let's get well away from the Evil Union and rid of the demons that are ruling us and destroying everything we cherish....

*Our Industry
*Our Social Structure (Pubs, Social Clubs etc)
*Common decency
*Our heritage

and replacing it with criminalising the indigenous an placing restrictions on just about everything we do and now preventing us from working and having rights in our own country

Force this Evil Government out NOW!<span class="idc-clear"></span>

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I see channel 4 news dedicated all of 30 seconds to the story snubbing it saying the BNP was thrown off site as no one wanted them there

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Brown is probably asking the Chinese PM for hints and tips on how to handle protesters straight from the Tiananmen Square Police Handbook

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With today's technology, micro camera's are cheap and easy to conceal. No law will prevent Police and Officials being filmed. Watch out Police, the 'BIGGER BROTHER' (Us) are watching you more than you think.

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I agree, the best bet is to carry on successfully doing what the BNP is already doing and getting the military on our side. I know for a fact that a great majority of military personnel support the BNP and the way things are going here, I'm very happy about that fact. Let's remember a couple of things. This Government has forced our boys and girls into this illegal war, the military have just about had enough being used as cannon fodder.

The Police, well, over the last 10 / 12 years, they've been recruting ideal candidates that fits their political agenda. I, over recent months have met countless senior officers and know what their remit is and I can confidently say that the Police ARE gearing up against us. The cry of Terrorism from the Police is a smoke screen. The Anti Terror laws are used more against the ordinary citizen than they are against terrorists.

Those who think the Police can be trusted must adopt some form of caution. Those Police wh are on our side would walk, but you won't see floods of Police walking out. Common Purpose has brainwashed the Police Leaders and their ranks. The Police will be and are part of the problem. <SPAN class=idc-clear>